Research to Extend Life of Flexible Risers

May 30th 2018 – 4Subsea was awarded a Shell-funded contract to support COPPE, the centre for engineering research and education at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in October 2017. The project also bring in centres of R&D excellence, IFE and SINTEF to support the work. The project team is meeting this week in Norway.

The project is funded by Shell Brazil and is a partnership with UFRJ-COPPE EMBRAPII. The primary goal is to extend the safe operational life of flexible risers. The research project focuses on reducing operational risk and increasing the life expectancy of flexible risers. The project runs for 3 years and has a contract value of about 25 million NOK.

The project involves 4Subsea’s delivery of digital solutions for monitoring riser integrity and development of new methodologies for life extension of risers. 4Subsea also supports UFRJ-COPPE with a material research programme to develop improved models for polymer ageing and steel corrosion. As part of the project, three Brazilian Ph.D students have spent 10 months in Norway for the project, working with the world-leading specialists within this field at SINTEF and IFE. Read more about the project here.


4Subsea research project with Shell, COPPE, SINTEF, IFE
Team delegates from Shell, UFRJ-COPPE, IFE, SINTEF, and 4Subsea: World-leading flexible risers specialists at 4Subsea’s headquarter in Norway on May 30th 2018.