New Report Launched: Bonded Flexible Pipes

Asker, January 7th 2019 – Our eminent flexible pipes expert Svein Are Løtveit is the main author of a new report launched today: “PSA Norway State of the Art Bonded Flexible Pipes 2018”. The 75-page report provides an in-depth update on bonded flexible pipes and covers most bonded flexible pipes and hose types used in the oil and gas industry today.  

4Subsea was awarded preparation of a state-of-the-art report for bonded flexible pipes from PSA Norway (Petroleum Safety Authority) last year, and the report was finished in December 2018. The report results are publicly available as of today.


PSA on the report:

“Incidents in recent years linked to flexible pipes/hoses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf demonstrate a need for state-of-the-art knowledge about bonded flexible pipes and hoses.

On commission from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, the company 4Subsea has conducted a study that provides an overview of experiences of incidents and failure modes linked to bonded flexible pipes and hoses.

In its review, 4Subsea concentrated on design, planning, operation, inspection and maintenance and how to ensure there is adequate documentation and to utilise this information in order to operate flexible pipes and hoses in the safest and most reliable manner.”

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The following items are addressed:

  • Overview of Bonded Flexible Pipe development globally, including technologies in use, designs, operational experience
  • Overview of important issues (Norway and globally)
  • Relevant degradation mechanisms and failure modes
  • State of the art knowledge and knowledge gaps
  • Trends including look ahead
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Recommendation related to improvement, sharing of information etc
  • Standards, state of the art and gaps


If you would like to receive the report, please click on this link or the icon above. We are interested in understanding who considers this report relevant, therefore we ask you to provide your contact information and company/organisation affiliation in order to receive the report.