“From Fish to Offshore Wind” at SINTEF Petroleum Conference

March 18th 2019 – CEO Peter Jenkins holds a presentation at the annual SINTEF Petroleum Conference 19-20 March in Trondheim, Norway.

If you’re attending the SINTEF conference, you’ll see Peter on stage Tuesday 19th at 1350 talking about “Technology Transfer from Fish and Drones Enabling Digital Twinsfor Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind”. Not able to join, but interested in the topic? Please let us know and we’d be happy expand on how  technology development from sensors in fish via advanced drone technology benefits oil & gas and offshore wind industry today.

Read more about our sensors, sensor solutions for drilling operations, for riser monitoring, and for offshore wind. Or, you can see a short video about how we deliver digital twins below.

You can even read a 4Subsea case study with Lundin Norway on how Lundin avoided aborting a drilling operation using a digital twin.