Offshore Magazine: “Digital Model Helps Define Long-Term Riser Performance”

February 17th 2022 – We are pleased to be featured together with AkerBP in Offshore magazine, focusing on the fatigue counter methodology and how digitalisation is used to deliver an online technical service of high value. The magazine highlights an OTC paper authored by AkerBP and 4Subsea, presenting the power and applicability of combining modern numerical methods with digital techniques, made possible by streaming input and output data on safe and well documented APIs.

  • In the article, Rasmus Engebretsen and Jan Muren, 4Subsea & Luke Johan Hondebrink and Besmir Kajolli, AkerBP discuss a recent field case where the fatigue counter ingests, processes and presents data on modern digital infrastructure. Click here to read the article


If you would like to know more about the technical solution called 4insight® Subsea Asset Integrity, you can read more at this link.

We hope that you will enjoy the article – happy reading!