4Subsea Speaks at ONS 2022

Asker, August 26th 2022 – ONS is a leading platform for energy, technology and innovation discussions. It is where the international leading voices from the industry meet to discuss the trends influencing the energy industry. 

At this year’s event, 4Subsea will be presenting “Bringing life and longevity to offshore wind with advanced sensor technology”. This talk will look at the similar challenges offshore wind shares with oil and gas when it comes to soil support issues, scouring, corrosion, cable and mooring failures, and structural capacity and fatigue. In response, 4Subsea has developed sensors and algorithms originally designed to measure strain and motions on wellheads that have been adapted to optimise power production, extend service life and reduce production downtime of offshore wind farms through structural health monitoring and anomaly detection.

See the time and place below if you are interested in hearing 4Subsea’s presentation.

Name of session: 6.1 Offshore wind based on O&G
Location: Hall1 – 1st fl – Uburen (Stavanger Forum)
Date: Thursday 1 September
Timeslot: 10:00 – 12:00 CET