4Subsea speaks at the November Conference in Rio de Janeiro

Asker, November 3rd 2022 – Leury Pereira, Manager Expert Services SURF, will speak at the November Conference in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, November 9th at 1.30 pm. He will have a presentation on the topic “Flexible Annulus Environment Simulation”. 

This presentation will focus on a model for annulus chemical determination for flexible pipes. It is a new release of permeation model developed by 4Subsea in our digital solution 4insight®. This model will provide more accurate results to be used for flexible pipe lifetime extension and Integrity management for our customers.

4Subsea has a long track record working with flexible pipe integrity projects, dissections and root cause analysis, JIPs and other relevant initiatives.

The conference will take place 07-09 November 2022 at The Prodigy Hotel, Centro, in Rio de Janeiro. This is an annual conference, where the focus this year will be on the “Twin Transition”, both digital and sustainable. This conference builds on existing collaboration between Norwegian and Brazilian companies and discusses challenges in the energy industry.

The conference is free to attend, and you can sign up for registration here.