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Established in 2007, 4Subsea is a relatively young company – but the sum of our experience is substantial. Our about 130 employees have an average of 10 years+ of experience from the oil & gas and offshore wind industry. We are growing steadily and are always looking for new talent to join our team. With continuous hiring and no closing dates for jobs listed, we encourage candidates to apply at their earliest convenience. All vacancies are listed below.

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4Subsea employees at our Bergen, Norway office


A Culture for Knowledge-Sharing

Working in 4Subsea includes committing to our four values: Dedication, integrity, team spirit, and insight.  We strongly believe that sharing knowledge is the key to success for 4Subsea and our customers – and not least for each of us individually.

There are a lot of good reasons to investigate 4Subsea as your new employer. We offer technically challenging work in a friendly work environment, where team spirit and a humorous twinkle in the eye are always present. We have a strong focus on combining our academic skills with operational offshore experience, to understand the operations and systems we are involved in.

Our unique competency is combining strong engineering capabilities, domain knowledge and offshore experience with software skills, data analytics and sensor technology.

Ivar S.

Why do I enjoy working in 4Subsea? Working with and learning from so many talented coworkers with such a wide range of expertise is really rewarding. We have a very good culture of sharing knowledge and making each other better every day.

Ivar Stange, Senior Engineer

Rasmus Engebretsen 4Subsea

Adaptive small company with innovative freedom, inspiring- and dedicated colleagues. Interesting technical challenges solved with highly competent people. Fun and humour is a big part of the work environment. Variation in tasks (practical/theoretical) and locations. Flexibility, terms and conditions. The feeling of helping the industry to operate more safe, efficient and smarter is rewarding, and the vision alignes with my values.

Rasmus Engebretsen, Mechanical Engineer

Vacant Positions

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Principal SURF Engineer

Looking for a challenge that will take your engineering expertise to the next level? Join our team at 4Subsea as a Principal SURF Engineer and be part of a growing… Read More

4Subsea employees

Open Application

Interested in joining our team? We are always interested in connecting with talented and motivated people. You are welcome to send an open application to our HR department by clicking… Read More

I like working for 4Subsea because here I get the chance to challenge myself and learn new things. But the best part of 4Subsea is definitely the people. They are extremely dedicated and passionate about what they do, and always willing to teach.

Ebba Falk, Administration Coordinator at 4Subsea

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