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Established in 2007, 4Subsea is a relatively young company – but the sum of our experience is substantial. Our more than 60 employees have an average of 10 years+ of experience from the oil & gas and offshore wind industry. We are growing steadily and are always looking for new talent to join our team. With continuous hiring and no closing dates for jobs listed, we encourage candidates to apply at their earliest convenience. All vacancies are listed below.

Petroleum engineering jobs


A Culture for Knowledge-Sharing

Working in 4Subsea includes committing to our four values: Dedication, integrity, team spirit, and insight.  We strongly believe that sharing knowledge is the key to success for 4Subsea and our customers – and not least for each of us individually.

There are a lot of good reasons to investigate 4Subsea as your new employer. We offer technically challenging work in a friendly work environment, where team spirit and a humorous twinkle in the eye are always present. Our employees hold an excellent academic standard, as well as having many years of practical experience from both the Norwegian continental shelf and international oil and gas fields.


4Subsea is committed to being a:

  • Global centre of excellence and leading provider of independent services and solutions on flexible pipes, rigid risers and wellhead systems
  • Leading caretaker of riser and subsea systems including supply of life cycle management systems to the major oil companies and field operators
  • Leading provider of specialist engineering and analysis services related offshore wind turbines


Developing a Stellar Engineering Team

Increasing water depth, harsh environments, extended field life and the drive for integrated operations are factors that require in-depth knowledge. Of particular concern is the aging of existing fields and the desire to extend the service life beyond original design life. The industry has limited experience with this situation.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible advice and solutions by developing the best engineers. We believe this can be done by combining extensive offshore training with strong theoretical capability. The combination of theory and practical offshore experience gives the engineer a unique ability to understand risk and to develop reliable and efficient solutions.

I like working at 4Subsea because I have the freedom to work with the best engineers. 

Øyvind Tveit, EVP, Engineering Software Solutions

Vacant Positions

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Software Developer – Asker

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Subsea Monitoring Specialist – Asker

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Summer Jobs, Internships and Thesis Work

4Subsea normally hires a few students annually for summer jobs, as well as offering internships throughout the year. If you are interested, please contact our HR department at

4Subsea employees

Open Application

Interested in joining our team? We are always interested in connecting with talented and motivated people. You are welcome to send an open application to our HR department at  

I really enjoy working in a small company. At 4Subsea I have a lot of control over my day as well as influence over what projects I get to work on. I feel I get to use my expertise and experience, while at the same time encountering many new professional challenges. You learn a lot by following a project from start to finish – and it’s also very enjoyable. And at the same time I’m building a network of contacts by following up customers and subcontrators. I think there’s a great working environment at 4Subsea. It’s an easy-going company and the people working there are very friendly. 

Gry Karin Vestbøstad, VP Integrity Management at 4Subsea

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