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One of the best ways to generate electricity is by using an ocean wind farm to harvest wind energy. As wind power is renewable and abundant, it can save a great deal of energy and reduce the carbon footprint.

But installing and running an effective ocean wind farm is easier said than done. It takes a high level of expertise, experience, and diligence to build it, and ensure it’s safe and effective.

4Subsea offers technology and services that will help your offshore wind farm to produce optimal energy with low operational costs and minimal environmental damage. We can help protect your staff and subsea assets, enabling you to focus on your core competencies.


Enjoy Cost-Efficiency and Optimised Energy Production

4Subsea provides leading technology and services to operators of offshore wind farms and subsea oil & gas rigs. We do so with the goal to help them optimise their energy production and minimise costs.

Levelised cost of energy (LCOE) and operational efficiency are among the top priorities of every energy provider operating an ocean wind farm.

By utilising our digital and cost-efficient solutions, you can significantly reduce your costs. You can also prevent any energy production loss, further minimising costs.

We care deeply about marine life and the environment. That’s why all our solutions are green, and they also help keep your staff safe and secure.

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Our Ocean Wind Farm Solutions

Our solutions focus on robust data analytics that enables data-driven design. Apart from optimising your energy production and minimising costs, they also help extend the operating life of your subsea assets.

With the help of our experts, you can completely transform your offshore wind farm. We can help you automate all your engineering operations and make smarter decisions based on accurate, real-time data.


Our solutions include:

  • Offshore wind engineering
  • Offshore wind sensor monitoring


Each comes with an array of innovative solutions and services.


1. Offshore Wind Engineering

4Subsea can help you run an effective, efficient, and safe ocean wind farm. Whether you already have one, or you’ve yet to build it, we can be your go-to partner to rely on.

Our expert team of engineers can provide you with a data-driven design for both your wind turbines and export cables. We can help you design both floating and bottom-fixed wind turbines and protect all your subsea assets.


Some of our offshore wind engineering services also include:

  • Concept development
  • Assessing entire wind farm structures
  • Providing expert advice on cable configuration design and subsea interfaces
  • Providing advice on equipment testing and avoiding production loss


Need professional engineers to design your floating or bottom-fixed wind turbines or looking for advice on how to perfectly manage your wind farm? Want to learn how to prevent equipment fatigue and failure, and avert the potential loss of energy production?


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to help you get the job done right.

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2. Offshore Wind Sensor Monitoring

With our technology, you can monitor your entire ocean wind farm structures, including subsea power cables. That way, you can effectively reduce LCOE and optimise the production of energy.

We enable live monitoring with the help of our autonomous sensor kit called SMS Guard™. It consists of retrofittable sensors and advanced algorithms for machine learning, capable of identifying any anomaly early on.

Armed with this powerful sensor kit, you’ll be able to stop any potential problem in its tracks. It’ll help you detect a potential issue even before it occurs so that you can instantly take proper preventative measures.

That way, you’ll keep all potential repairs at bay, and they can be quite expensive. You’ll also never have to worry about aborting your production.


Some of our sensor monitoring services include:

  • Live integrity monitoring
  • Monitoring the structure and performance of all subsea assets
  • Automatically catching potential problems with wind turbines
  • Machine learning and data streaming
  • In-depth data analytics and insights
  • Cloud computing and data collaboration


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Why Choose 4Subsea?

4Subsea is a provider you can rely on. We can deliver leading technological solutions, digital services, and engineering systems to empower your ocean wind farm.

We’re proud to be working with a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and dedicated engineers who are genuinely passionate about their job.

Their meticulous work turns every project into a success. You can be sure they’ll always go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Their competence and years of experience in the field help our every client harness the full power of wind energy.

You can expect us to work as a unified team if you put your trust in us. We’ll become partners who share the same goals and values, taking steps for empowering the world and protecting the environment.

Because that’s what utilising wind power is all about – saving our beloved planet. Eliminating the use of fossil energy, and ultimately building a safer environment for all life on Earth.

All of our ocean wind farm solutions help reduce environmental damage, protecting the oceans and marine life. Let us help you reduce LCOE and maximise energy production.


Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a demo of our innovative technological solutions.


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