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Energy providers heavily depend on real-time insight into their systems and equipment. Without it, a minor issue can quickly escalate and result in a complete halt in operations.

That entails major financial losses, a reduction in profits, and an increase in safety risks.

Those in the field of offshore engineering and energy production are aware of just how detrimental deferred production can be. If you want to avoid it, you need a reliable partner who’ll help you keep a close eye on all operations.

4Subsea has developed technological solutions and services that will keep all your processes running smoothly. Valuable information and insight are at the heart of all our solutions.

We’re aware of all the challenges that a lack of information can pose to your business, and our services are designed to overcome them. Let’s take a closer look.

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The Main Information Challenges Energy Providers Are Facing

Keeping offshore gas and oil fields and wind farms operational is an everyday struggle. Problems can arise seemingly out of the blue, and fixing them requires quick and smart action.

However, you cannot respond to problems instantaneously if you don’t have a clear insight into the situation. There are four most common types of information problems that can prevent you from making smart, data-driven decisions.


1. Information Gap

The first problem that energy operators can face is the information gap. In a surprisingly large number of companies, all the data is fragmented across several systems/people.

Those who want to get the whole picture before approaching the problem are in a tight spot. They’d need to dig through countless different files and collect information fragments from all the different sources. That makes it next to impossible to collect all the necessary insight that can help solve a problem. It creates an information gap that can be fatal.


2. Poor Overview of Subsea Asset Information

As an energy provider, you have numerous subsea and surface assets to keep an eye on. Production facilities, wells, risers, pipelines — all of them require your undivided attention. And this is a problem if you don’t have adequate systems in place that can help you monitor them.

Unfortunately, many energy operators don’t boast such systems. They have a poor overview of their asset information, which leaves them in the dark. Without monitoring their assets, they risk overlooking critical issues and allowing them to evolve into serious problems.


3. Irregular Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to invest in regular inspection and maintenance of all equipment needed for offshore engineering.

Inspections provide invaluable insight into the current condition of your assets. Proper maintenance all but eliminates the possibility of equipment failures, or it at least ensures that repairs are easier and cheaper.

Inspection and maintenance together offer you crucial information that will help you keep everything under control. They’ll alert you of potential problems and help you fix them before they arise. They’ll tell you what you need to keep a closer eye on and what you should do to keep things running.


4. Real-time Insights

The last major problem for energy operators is the lack of real-time insights. You need live updates and feedback on your risers and flowlines. Instant insight into your equipment and systems.

That will alert you of all the possible problems as soon as they arise. It will be easier to make data-driven decisions when you see the immediate results of your actions.

Real-time insight is often neglected, but it can prove to be lifesaving in critical situations.

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What 4Subsea Can Do for You

As tech experts in the field of offshore engineering, our team at 4Subsea can help you take control of your information. We’ll empower you with real-time insights into your systems and assets and offer support that will keep your company productive.

Our digital capabilities will help you cut production costs, boost profits, and increase your efficiency.


The solutions we offer are divided into a few different categories, designed for:


  • Risers
  • Wells
  • Wind systems
  • Digital services
  • Sensor solutions


1. Risers and Flowlines

Offshore engineering solutions for risers, flowlines, power cables and umbilicals need to be reliable and customised for your specific needs. 4Subsea’s extensive solutions for risers include:


  • Annulus Monitoring System AMOS™
  • Flexible Pipeline Engineering
  • FlexShare™ digital platform
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Portable Annulus Tester PAT™
  • Riser Repair Clamps EPIC™
  • Structural Assessment


These solutions will cut your downtime and increase efficiency. You’ll mitigate risks and be empowered to make data-driven decisions that push your company forward.


2. Well Intervention and Drilling

We’ve designed solutions that will guarantee the utmost safety of all your drilling and intervention operations. 4Subsea will provide:


  • Conductor Analysis
  • Offshore Engineering Services
  • Wellhead Integrity Monitoring with SWIM™
  • Well Access Solutions


We have an in-depth understanding of all the challenges that your company may face with well intervention and drilling. Our solutions can be customised to suit your specific needs and preferences.


3. Digital Solutions

4Subsea’s digital solutions will help to predict and prevent problems that can result in a production shutdown. Our top solutions include:


  • io™
  • Digitised Riser Integrity on 4insight®
  • Digitising Drilling Operations


These solutions will boost communication, simplify collaboration, and offer you streamlined information about all your assets and equipment.


4. 4Subsea Sensor Technology

Sensors are crucial for notifying and alerting you of the current situation across all your subsea assets. Included in our solutions and services are:


  • Jumper and Freespan Monitoring
  • Mooring Line Monitoring
  • Subsea Engineering Integrity Monitoring


The highly sensitive sensors will allow you to react smartly and hastily to all problems and events that occur.


4. Wind Systems

Offshore wind farms are unique, but share some of the common challenges of oil and gas assets. 4Subsea’s designed effective solutions that will keep your wind systems running smoothly:


  • Offshore Wind Sensor Monitoring
  • Offshore Wind Engineering


Our solutions will help you minimise your Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) and optimise your production.


4Subsea as Your Reliable Partner

With solutions offered by 4Subsea, you’ll receive a great boost to your revenue and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge and will help you solve problems before they arise.

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