Offshore Oil Drilling

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Our solutions for offshore oil drilling provide decision support systems that help operators to “know before it happens”. We are a dedicated team of engineers who aim to redefine how offshore oil, gas and wind energy farms are cost-managed and operated.  


4Subsea – Development of Offshore Oil Drilling Solutions

4Subsea is a leading provider in the field of subsea oil, gas and offshore wind farms. We develop and provide technology, services, and digitised decision support, that helps operators of subsea assets. Our process is to combine the competence of engineers with experience in operations. That way, we can ensure the integrity of subsea assets – from the reservoir to the deck.

4Subsea was established in 2007. Our clients include all the major gas and oil companies, in addition to global suppliers of subsea equipment. Our company is headquartered in Asker, Norway with additional offices in Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Rio de Janeiro, and Aberdeen.


What we do

Our team consists of highly dedicated and knowledgeable engineers. Our shared purpose is to redefine how oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms are operated.

Operators working offshore have an important responsibility when it comes to coordinating, planning, and performing survey operations. Care, maintenance, and inventory of company equipment require not only skills but also determination. Our technology is designed to assist operators of subsea assets and provide digital decision support.


A Wide Range of Offshore Activities for Offshore Oil Drilling and Oil Production

Our decision-support solutions help operators “know before it happens”. With this technology, operators can act accordingly to prevent costly repairs, oil spill or shutdown in production.

Our services include a wide range of offshore activities. We perform vent flow capacity checks, annulus volume measurements, gas sampling and visual inspection. If anything is found, this typically leads to leak detection, re-establishment of annulus ventilation, outer sheath repairs, or other appropriate actions.


How it works

Our services and solutions can reduce operational efficiency and LCOE. There’s excellent potential to reduce costs by turning to more digitised and economical solutions.

4Subsea have the required tools and knowledge to perform the most challenging of engineering tasks. We always strive to simplify complexity and to develop the most optimal and tailor-made solutions that suit our clients.


Risers and Flowlines

4Subsea deliver a range of different offshore solutions related to risers and flowlines, power cables and umbilicals. Our goal is to be the leading provider of independent services on flexible pipes, globally.


Our Services are Highly Relevant If:

  • You are an oil and gas operator with flexible risers and flowlines in operation
  • You require an independent expert team to take care of your flexible pipes during operation
  • Your flexible pipes are reaching their design life, and you want to extend their service life
  • You have an anomaly in a riser and need to document integrity without performing repairs
  • You can’t document the integrity of your flexible pipe due to outer sheath breach
  • You need an engineering team for brown/greenfield concept engineering and FEED
  • You need independent R&D on issues such as polymer ageing, corrosion and x-section mechanisms
  • You want to use digitised solutions to reduce cost and enable efficient and live reports


Sensor Technology

4Subsea provide sensor technology for offshore oil drilling and other subsea operations. We offer retrofittable, autonomous sensors to help operators reduce costs of operations, in addition to maximising the assets life expand. To do this, we use sensors in combination with data analytics, advanced algorithms, and specialist engineering competence.

Using our expert personnel and advanced sensor technology for maintaining production, we provide significant and long-lasting cost savings.


Our Sensor Technology Solutions are Highly Relevant If:

  • You are operating assets, such as subsea XTs, FPSOs, flowlines, risers and umbilicals, bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines, oil rigs, and subsea manifolds and templates
  • There are parts of your equipment where you lack data to keep track of integrity status
  • You need key decision support to run your subsea operation in a controlled manner
  • You are currently performing regular ROV inspections to monitor the condition of your equipment


Well Intervention and Offshore Oil Drilling

We help operators perform offshore completion, drilling, and intervention operations safely and cost-efficiently. Thanks to years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of our customers and the challenges they face. We understand challenges related to subsea wells as well as offshore dry wells.


Our Services are Highly Relevant If:

  • You want to maximise your operating windows while performing drilling or C/WO operations
  • You are a drilling manager and need to ensure wellhead integrity while drilling
  • You are an operator with a brownfield, looking to extend the service life of your subsea wells
  • You spend too much resource on wellhead fatigue assessments
  • You want to contract the right semi-submersible for your upcoming operations
  • You are a subsea engineer and need a robust structural conductor system design
  • You need technical and system expertise related to procurement and engineering of a C/WO system
  • You need 3rd party verification of riser or wellhead analysis


Choose 4Subsea for Offshore Oil Drilling

Let us show you the benefits of choosing more accessible digitised solutions to help avoid loss of production. This makes your operations more profitable.

We are a value-based company. We believe that to succeed, evolve, and move forward; we need to work together as a team in collaboration with our partners and customers. Our vision is our guiding light, and our core values are the basis for everything we do.

Our vision is to “passionately provide leading-edge technology, empowering engineers everywhere to share insight”. We are here to develop high technology that adds real value to our industry.

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