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4Subsea is a leading provider of offshore technologies, including sensor technology and offshore wind farms. Domain expertise combines with data analytics and digital services help us optimise the future of the offshore industry.

Compared to other engineering companies out there, 4Subsea is relatively small. But the experience and expertise our engineers bring to the table are immeasurable. Our expertise in offshore technologies will not only help your business save money but also help you capitalise on assets and make more money.

Offshore wind remains one of the most promising new industries in the United States. According to Deloitte’s 2020 Renewable Energy Outlook report, in the first half of 2019, offshore wind had a 24% drop in price. That’s not where the story ends. That’s only the beginning of the offshore wind industry.

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Reliable and Trustworthy Energy Sources

2019 didn’t only start strong for the offshore wind sector, it also ended quite strongly as well, with benchmark prices all across the board. Energy prices went down staggering 32% in the past 12 months, according to a recent BNEF report. This turn of events gave people even more trust in offshore wind.

Experts now believe that in just 5 short years, the technology will be able to challenge the dominance of traditional energy sources such as coal and gas. These two energy sources have been around for centuries, and while people have been interested in wind technology for a long time, we’ve only recently started exploring its true potential.

The thought of something new such as offshore wind tech overtaking the market from such reliable energy sources would’ve seemed unimaginable just a few decades ago. But now, with the US government financing multiple wind farms, the idea doesn’t seem so farfetched after all.


The Electrical Infrastructure

The offshore wind industry has been making a lot of money lately. That’s only going to increase down the line. However, what also needs to be mentioned is that a number of other industries are going to make money from all of these investments and innovations as well.

For instance, innovation in the offshore industry is driving the development of electrical equipment. No transformers, switchgear, and power compensation tools are being developed at the moment. Furthermore, the industry requires larger quantities of subsea cables to be produced every year.

Industry specialists also predict that the industry will re-shape the transmission network for all of the countries that have been investing in it. Last but not least, we can expect the industry to improve the strength of national power systems for multiple countries as well.

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The Advances of Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is one of the fastest-growing energy industries in the world. The potential is immense, and we have only just begun to see the impacts of the green energy shift. However, we still see the same challenges as in the other energy sectors, such as oil and gas: Producing sufficient energy sources while maintaining a low production cost. 

That’s where 4Subsea comes into the picture. We have developed a support system for optimised production from offshore wind turbines, the SMS Guard. This way we can assist you in making better decisions at a lower cost.


With the SMS Guard Sensor Monitoring, you will get:

  • Autonomous, retrofittable sensors, combined with advanced machine learning algorithms and 4Subsea domain expertise help operators realise the significant potential of reduced LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).
  • Decision support as an easy-to-use digital service
  • A simple to install instrumentation package that enables continuous integrity monitoring of offshore wind turbines.


The offshore wind sensor monitoring system will help operators to realise the potential of reduced costs compared to using traditional digital tools. The system assists operators to make efficient decisions more quickly.


How Can 4Subsea Help Your Business?

Since 2007, our experts have been helping businesses with offshore technologies. Our goals are to help companies fulfil their potential, maximise their operations, and drive the development of offshore technologies through careful engineering. We have both the tools and the technological know-how to improve any business out there.


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