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Wind energy is a green energy source that is developing rapidly. It is a remarkable source of energy in contrast to the challenges that we see in the oil and gas industry today.

However, we do meet similar obstacles in both sectors. At 4subsea, we have enabled technology transfers that assist operators in reducing the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

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Read on to learn more about how our services and offshore wind solutions can help to optimise subsea assets.


Cost-efficient Technology

4Subsea has developed cost-efficient technology and services for the offshore renewable energy industry. We are a technology-driven company focused on providing services and solutions that can minimise environmental harm, as well as minimise damage to personnel.

Our engineers are continuously improving and updating our technology and solutions. We do this to be leading in the development of efficient and reliable solutions for offshore wind. We want to be part of a positive environmental impact.

Our services include digital twin technology for offshore wind, which enables operators to optimise the production and to reduce costs.

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Offshore Wind – Sensor Monitoring

We deliver the SMS Guard™ sensor kit, which is a support system for optimised production from offshore wind turbines. SMS Guard™ is an autonomous sensor kit and digital service for monitoring of floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind substructures.


With the SMS Guard™ Sensor Monitoring, you will get:

  • Autonomous, retrofittable sensors, that combined with advanced machine learning algorithms and 4Subsea domain expertise help operators realise the significant potential of reduced LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).
  • Decision support as an easy-to-use digital service.
  • A simple to install instrumentation package that enables continuous integrity monitoring of offshore wind turbines.


Areas for cost reduction:

  • Lifetime extension of sub-structures.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of cable failures and hence reduced cost and risk of production loss.
  • Optimal replacement scheduling; repairing or replacing equipment due to age rather than actual status of equipment.


The offshore wind sensor monitoring system will help operators to realise the potential of reduced costs compared to using traditional digital tools. The system assists operators to make efficient decisions more quickly.

Do you want to learn more about our wind energy and offshore turbine solutions? Contact us for more information about how we can assist you in making better decisions at a lower cost.

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Offshore Wind Engineering

4Subsea cable monitoring offshore wind - all rights reserved

4Subsea is your dedicated partner and expert in advanced subsea engineering. We offer engineering services and solutions, as well as monitoring products to offshore wind systems.


We provide wind engineering services such as:

  • Dedicated expertise in concept development
  • Detailed engineering
  • System design
  • System analysis of inter array and export cables

We can assist you when you lack the tools and knowledge needed to ensure a robust cable design. We will provide you with engineering expertise that will help you explore new concepts and designs for wind turbines.

At 4Subsea, we have an exceptional experience with advanced offshore technology. Among providing and delivering result proven design and technology, we can offer you expert advice and guide you through a new project.

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Wind Farms

There is a large market for renewable energy, such as offshore wind energy. Renewable energy is competing with fossil energy sources to obtain sufficiently a low energy production cost. That is why there is a growing need for innovative and efficient low-cost solutions in offshore wind projects, reducing the overall LCOE.

4Subsea can assist with creating economical and valuable solutions for your needs.

Our engineers have developed advanced tools and methods based on extensive accumulated experience, knowledge and sophisticated analysis of substructures used in the offshore wind industry.


Levelized Cost of Energy

Our services and solutions can help with reducing operational efficiency and LCOE. There is great potential to reduce costs by turning to more digitised and economical solutions.

Let us show you the benefits of choosing more accessible  digitised solutions to help avoid loss of production and to have more profitable operations.


The Potential of Wind Power

Offshore wind 4Subsea licensed

The potential of wind power is enormous. The energy that we can produce worldwide from using wind power alone could meet all of the world’s demand – without harming the planet and altering the climate.

Wind energy generates no pollutants, and this may be why the wind industry has grown at around 26% each year for the past few years. The market is growing more rapidly than ever, and more companies realize the need for renewable energy.

Avoiding CO2 emissions is becoming more critical to many decision-makers in both smaller and larger businesses.


Our Services

4Subsea provides technically advanced and cost-efficient services and solutions. Our areas of expertise consist of:

  • Risers and flowlines
  • Well Intervention and Drilling
  • Offshore wind
  • Sensor technology


Our Experience With Floating Wind Turbines

4Subsea has been a part of the engineering work with the Hywind projects since 2010. We have worked within the fields of:

  • Mooring design
  • Structural design
  • System, concept and key driver insight
  • Cable configuration
  • Global analysis
  • Marine and commercial operations
  • Floating substation design for wind parks


Why 4Subsea?

4Subsea is a leading provider of engineering systems and subsea technology, solutions and services. The company was established in 2007, and our clients include all of the major energy operators.

We are a dedicated team of engineers who aim to redefine how oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms are operated.


Your Team of Experts

We provide decision support systems that help oil & gas and offshore wind operators to “know it before it happens”, so that they can avoid costly repairs or production shutdown. By combining expert engineering competence, operational experience and digitalised decision support, 4Subsea ensures the integrity of subsea assets all the way from the reservoir to deck.


Our Vision

We are a vision and values-driven company, meaning that we believe that we will succeed, evolve and move forward if we work together as a team and with our customers and partners, using our vision as a guiding light and our values as a basis for everything we do.

Our vision is to “passionately provide leading-edge technology, empowering engineers everywhere to share insight”. We are here to develop great technology that adds real value to the industry we’re operating in.


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4Subsea is headquartered in Asker, Norway with additional offices in Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Rio de Janeiro, and Aberdeen.

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