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We believe in sharing ideas and knowledge in order to move forward as individuals, as a company and as an industry. Please find below descriptions of our services and technology. You may download product sheets, customers references as well as some of our papers and research. We are also sharing a curated selection of external sources of knowledge that inspire us. We hope we can inspire you as well.


Product Sheets

Each and every solution explained

Customer Use Cases

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Papers, Presentations & Research

Examples of our work

Failures and Replacements – A Barrier to Growth in Offshore Wind scientific paper

Use of Digital Twins to Mitigate Risks in Pull-out Operations of Damaged Risers scientific paper

Calibration of Dynamic Riser Analysis using Measured Motion Data scientific paper

Static and Cyclic Subsea Wellhead Loads scientific paper

Machine learning based prediction of wave-induced vessel response scientific paper

Conductor Instability scientific paper

Computer Vision for Monitoring scientific paper

Lifetime Extension of an Onshore Wind Farm Presentation

From Fish to Oil & Gas to Offshore Wind Presentation

Lifetime Extension of Floating Wind Turbines Presentation

Robust Method for Wellhead Loads Estimation Based on Lower Stack Motion Measurements Presentation

Flexible Riser Fatigue Counter Powered By Digital Techniques Presentation

Using a New, Autonomous and Easy to Install Strain Sensor for Monitoring of Dynamic Loads on a Subsea BOP Presentation

Successful Well Design Presentation

Flexible Riser Fatigue Counter Developed from Field Measurements and Machine Learning Techniques Scientific paper

Mitigating Flexible Riser Risk by Focused Monitoring and Digital Analytics  Scientific paper

Flexible Risers Handbook 4Subsea SINTEF NTNU report

State of the Art Bonded Flexible Pipes PSA Norway report

Un-bonded Flexible Risers – Field Experience and Actions for Increased Robustness PSA Norway presentation

Integrity Assessment of Damaged Flexible Pipe Cross-Sections Scientific paper

Flexible Riser Carcass Collapse Analyses: Sensitivity on Radial Gaps and Bending Scientific paper

An Interactive Global Database of Potential Floating Wind Park Sites EERA DeepWind’18 presentation

Analyst Company Frost and Sullivan’s Report on 4Subsea Sensors 2018 Product Leadership Award

Video Material

Visual illustrations of our solutions

External Sources of Knowledge

A small, but curated selection

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