Sensor Technology


Sensor Technology


We provide sensor technology to oil, gas, and wind farm operators worldwide. Our decision-support technology enables lifetime extension of assets, and help operators perform safe and cost-efficient operations.

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Sensor Technology for Subsea Assets and Offshore Wind Operations

We provide technological applications for monitoring pipelines and subsea structures used in oil, gas, and offshore wind sub-structures. Thanks to our expert personnel, digital solutions and highly advanced sensor technology, we provide significant and long-lasting cost savings.


Sensor technology solutions are highly relevant for anyone operating subsea assets such as FPSOs, XTs, subsea manifolds and templates, risers and umbilicals, flowlines and drilling rigs, as well as bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines.


Sensor Systems From 4subsea Are Also Relevant If:

  • There are parts of your equipment where you lack data to keep track of integrity status.
  • You need key decision support to run your subsea operation in a controlled manner.
  • You are currently performing regular ROV inspections to monitor the condition of your equipment.
  • You are interested in extending lifetime extension of assets beyond design life.


Long-Lasting Cost Savings

Using our expert personnel and advanced sensor technology for maintaining energy production, we provide significant and long-lasting cost savings. 4Subsea combines high-performing sensor technology with data analytics, advanced algorithms, and specialist engineering competence. With this sensor technology, operators can act accordingly to prevent costly repairs or shutdown in production.


Our decision-support solutions help operators “know before it happens”

By turning to more digitised and economical solutions, there’s potential for more cost-effective operations. 4Subsea have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face on a daily basis and strive to simplify complexity. We aim to develop the most optimal and tailor-made solutions that suit our clients.


Sensor Technology – Services and Solutions

From the sensor signal to the sensor designs – our line of products are developed to perform the most challenging of engineering tasks. The line of products in the Smart Monitoring Sensors (SMS) range are:


  • SMS Motion™ – autonomous and retrofittable vibration and motion sensor
  • SMS Strain™ – retrofittable strain sensor
  • SMS Magic Hand™ – from the seafloor to topside in seconds
  • SMS Gateway™ – connecting sensors to the cloud
  • SMS ComCentral™ – bringing sensor data to the cloud
  • SMS Guard™ – autonomous and retrofittable sensor kit for wind turbines


Thanks to our team of highly dedicated and skilled experts, sensor development has come a long way. Together, we have required the tools and knowledge to solve your problems using sensor technology.


Take a closer look at the sensor technology products in the SMS range:


SMS Motion™

  • SMS Motion™ is a data logger and autonomous subsea sensor rated for 3000 m water depth. The unit features a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer in addition to a 3-axis MEMS gyroscope. Depending on the application, the sensor can be configured to operate at frequencies from 10 Hz up to 1024 Hz, depending on the application. Because of the remarkably low power consumption, the sensor can perform uninterrupted logging for more than 360 days at 10 Hz.
  • The sensor is easy to configure via the SMS Magic Hand™, and you can connect two or more sensors to the cable.


SMS Strain™

  • The patent-pending SMS Strain™ is an easily installed autonomous, retrofittable strain sensor. As opposed to strain gage installation that requires a clean environment and specialised technicians and equipment, the SMS Strain™ can be installed by hand with no special requirements.
  • The sensor technology measures dynamic strain with high resolution and accuracy. Like all SMS sensors from 4Subsea, the SMS Strain™ has deficient power consumption and can operate at 10 Hz for more than 360 days.


SMS Magic Hand™

  • SMS Magic Hand™ is an ROV-carried modem that can be used to configure and download data wirelessly from Smart Monitoring Sensors (SMS) deployed subsea. It’s easy to download raw data or statistical data from the sensor
  • The modem has a rugged design, can be equipped with a protective bumper structure made of rubber and comes with a fishtail adapter with a flex joint. A cable connects the SMS Magic Hand™ modem to the ROV for power supply and serial data connection to the umbilical system.
  • SMS Magic Hand™ also exists in an office version for data download onshore.


SMS Gateway™

  • The SMS Gateway™ is an IoT sensor used to monitor motion. Also, it’s a hub for collecting data and streaming data to the cloud. The sensors require access to the internet, either through WiFi or LAN, and are easy to install. The sensor automatically starts streaming data to the cloud once it’s connected, and the data is made available through an open API.
  • All SMS sensors can be configured using SMS Gateway™. The unit also makes it possible to transfer data from SMS sensors to™. Time series data (1-10Hz) for storage, distribution and analysis are delivered via™, allowing for safe and seamless data access and sharing.


SMS ComCentral™

  • The SMS ComCentral™ is a tool to configure and manage Smart Monitoring Sensors (SMS). Besides, it’s possible to use the ComCentral™to collect data from control nodes and sensors via industrial bus protocols.
  • The unit allows offshore configuration of all SMS sensors, and data is transferred from the sensor systems to™. The unit can act as a data hub for collecting data from multiple data sources to interface with™.
  • ROV operators handling subsea SMS sensors can use a local management interface provided by ComCentral™. This provides a secure and remote operation for 4Subsea personnel. This way, an onshore expert can safely configure and manage the SMS sensors from a distance.


SMS Guard™

  • SMS Guard™ is an instrumentation package that allows for continuous integrity monitoring of offshore wind turbines. It’s simple to install, and it allows the operators to maintain full control of the motions of the tower and sub-structure. The data can be used for early detection of inconsistency or irregularities, both in the turbine itself, in the tower and substructure and the seabed support of the substructure. It’s also used for stable and uninterrupted integrity monitoring.
  • By using data collected through the SMS Guard™, operators can maximise the operating life of offshore wind turbines. In addition, the data can be used to optimise the design of future wind turbines, thus substantially reducing LCOE.
  • The SMS Guard™ is a proper IoT solution. All data is made available through an open API, enabling collaborative data analytics and cloud computing.


Key Benefits of the sensor technology include:
  • Live integrity monitoring of bottom fixed wind turbines
  • Load and fatigue monitoring of the tower and substructure
  • Continuous monitoring of substructure – seabed interaction
  • Automatic detection of turbine anomalies
  • Data made available through open APIs enabling data analytics and collaboration


Sensor Technology from 4Subsea

Let our team of engineers show you the benefits of choosing more accessible digitised solutions to help avoid loss of production. In turn, this makes operations safer and more profitable.


4Subsea is a leading provider of technology and services that help operators optimise energy production from subsea oil & gas fields and offshore wind farms. We combine domain expertise with data analytics and digital services to maximise lifetime of assets, reduce operational cost and optimise future projects through data-driven design.


4Subsea was originally established in 2007. Our clients include major energy companies, in addition to global suppliers of subsea equipment.

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