Areas of Expertise



Why 4Subsea?



We are a team of highly dedicated (and slightly geeky) engineers, redefining how oil & gas fields and offshore wind farms are operated.


We combine our operational experience with digital capabilities to automate engineering processes and help operators reduce risk and cost.


Our decision support solutions help operators “know it before it happens”. This way, they can act accordingly and prevent costly repairs or production shutdown.


Take a look at the video for a quick overview of 4Subsea’s solutions:



What We Deliver


1     Dedicated integrity applications – to take care of assets

2     Repair and instrumentation solutions – to avoid loss of production

3     Common data reservoir – to learn, analyse and improve operations

4     Transparency from reservoir to deck – to ensure collaboration

5     De-bundling of services – open APIs – to reduce cost and improve quality

6     «SWAT» teams for managing anomalies – to get the best support when needed

7     Cost effective operations, maintained production, and reduced risk – to know it before it happens and manage it


The value of monitoring subsea assets with 4SubseaA simple graph illustrating the value of monitoring integrity of subsea assets: Radical risk and cost reduction.