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With 4insight® oil & gas and offshore wind operators can "know it before it happens" - and act accordingly, thus preventing costly repairs or production shutdown.

Where Your Needs and Our Capabilities Meet

Our services are highly relevant if:

  • You consider data a strategic asset for your operations
  • You need an efficient platform for storing and managing data, information, and experience during the service life of your subsea assets
  • You want to improve operations, based on data driven decisions and prediction analysis rather than assumptions
  • You want to reduce risk and avoid downtime
  • You want to ”know it before it happens” – and act accordingly
  • You believe that access to relevant information at the right time is key to stay low on operational cost
  • You want to reduce investment and operating cost related to IT infrastructure
  • You wish to reduce the use of manual work


With our digital service delivered on www.4insight.io, key decision support is delivered to onshore and offshore personnel. We deliver Digital Twins designed to help operators improve data quality and manage the ownership, security, sharing and use of data, while at the same time reducing operational costs and risk.


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“4Subsea’s digital solution for securing riser integrity aligns with Equinor’s digitalisation strategy and enables us to reduce both operational risk and the degree of manual work on Åsgard.” 
Specialist Platform Technology, EQUINOR 

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4Subsea architectural setup

  • It is not uncommon that an oil rig has ten thousands of sensors monitoring the condition of various equipment.
  • Flexible pipes, wells and offshore wind tubines are no exceptions and are often monitored by motions sensors, fiber optic strain sensors and annulus vent gas sensors (flexibles).
  • Only a few percent of the data are examined properly.
  • The information is mostly used to detect and control anomalies, while the great value lies in optimisation and prediction.

The architecture behind the 4Subsea digital platform is designed to receive and compute large amounts of data, unlocking the true potential of the data to ensure the best possible decision support for operators.

We believe that having well documented data, managed in a context based system, is essential when planning operations. 4Subsea’s digital solution is born in the cloud, builds on Microsoft Azure and utilises Azure’s scalability features to the full – from compute resources to storage, handling complex computations and storing large amounts of data.


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