Digitised Riser Integrity on 4insight®

Having well documented information at the right time can be the single most import issue in managing flexible line integrity. 4insight® Asset Integrity enables operators to have full control of their flexible line system with an easy-to-use digital service.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea operations?
  • You have fragmented data sources and spend too much time searching for data
  • You don’t have sufficient overview of subsea asset information
  • You don’t have access to key data and live integrity status of risers and flowlines when you need it
  • You don’t get reliable technical advice when you need it


A considerable amount of the world’s total offshore production goes through flexible pipes. Losing control of flexible pipe performance may result in catastrophic environmental and financial consequence. Integrity management of flexible lines and umbilicals involves several technical disciplines and sources of information. The data basis for the integrity status is managed by different departments and stored in various software systems, making the information scattered and inaccessible.

4insight® Asset Integrity (previously FlexTrack™) is a collaboration solution designed specifically to manage and process information regarding integrity management of flexible lines and umbilicals. It be integrated with other systems such as the operators document system or PI server, so that relevant information is displayed in context of the flexible line. The users get full control of all data relevant to the flexible line system while saving time spent on finding information.


“In this solution we have access to technical information and expertise when we need it, since the engineering expertise is built right into the system.”

Senior Subsea Engineer Arild Nybø, Shell Norway

4insight® may be extended with technical support directly in the solution. 4Subsea’s full team of highly experienced and knowledgeable flexible line experts are at your disposal. We have in later years been at the forefront of technical developments for integrity monitoring of polymer and steel layers in flexible pipes and may assist with literally any difficulties the operator may have. This enables a lean and cost-effective organization without the need for a dedicated in-house technical support department.


Demo Video of Digital Twin Using 4insight® Asset Integrity:



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Key Benefits

  • Easy access to both design and operational data, enabling better decision support
  • Enables control of high risk failure modes through continuous processing of dynamic data
  • Secures early warning of progressing failure modes with high confidence trending of performance indicators
  • Gives valuable input to life extension
  • Improves ability to make operational decisions quickly and confidently
  • Ensures secure exchange of data between stakeholders
  • Transforms information into insight through interaction with third party apps such as PowerBI and Python


Key Features

  • Interactive field layout
  • Intuitive and context based dashboards powered by Microsoft PowerBI embedded
  • Provides Annulus test dashboard, PA11 calculator, fatigue calculator, and weather on site information
  • Live pressure and temperature data for the lines
  • Historic timeline for the assets
  • Utilisation of 4Subsea’s digital services federation as secure access within the organisation (already in use by Shell, Statoil, GE, FMC, Sintef, and AkerSolutions)
  • FlexTrack™ runs on the Microsoft Azure platform (PaaS), utilising Azure’s scalability features to the full

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