4insight® Data Analytics

4insight® Data Analytics is a cloud service enabling engineers and data scientists to connect to data sources, create new insight through cloud computing, and publish insight and dashboards to third parties.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your operations?
  • Insufficient control over data ownership and governance
  • Limited or no opportunity to utilise time series data to improve engineering tasks
  • Unused opportunity to enable machine learning and AI projects to improve operations
  • Teams cannot access same and/or all data available, due to complicated or missing external/internal data flow
  • Lack of efficient platform for storing and managing data, information, and experience during the service life of your subsea assets
  • A need to improve operations, based on data-driven decisions and prediction analysis rather than assumptions
  • High investment and operating cost related to IT infrastructure


Creating Value From Data

4insight® Data Analytics is a safe and highly scalable solution that allows engineers and data scientists to start working with large and live data sets. The solution comes with a range of available data connectors for easy connection to external data sources. Once connected you can run cloud computing on large data sets using your analysis tool of preference through the open APIs or you can share access to data with third parties that analyse the data for you. Users may also create their own cloud applications that run as a managed service on 4insight®, including publishing of results to end-users as a web service.

4insight® is a digital service providing key decision support to energy operators. The service enables domain experts to collect large amounts of data and create new insight based on machine learning and AI. Users can choose from a large selection of readily available applications or tailormake their own apps running on 4insight®. The portfolio includes 4insight® Asset Integrity, 4insight® Drilling, 4insight® Data Analytics, and 4insight® Marine Operations.


System Architecture

The architecture behind 4insight® is designed to receive and compute large amounts of data, unlocking the true potential of the data to ensure the best possible decision support for operators. The service contains Digital Twins of the assets and helps operators improve data quality and manage the ownership, security, sharing and use of data, while at the same time reducing operational costs and risk. 4insight® is a multi-tenant solution residing on Microsoft Azure.

A key principle behind the 4insight® service is its open APIs and open accessibility. Operators are free to hook onto any data stream of raw or processed data through open APIs. The operator is also free to give access to the solution and its data to any third-party organisation of choice.


Illustration of 4Subsea’s Digital Architecture

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Data Access and Times Series Data Sharing with DataReservoir.io™

Data is a highly strategic asset, and DataReservoir.io™ allows for seamless data access and sharing of time series data. This enables engineering teams to focus on creating insight and value with improved analytics. Many of our own digital products and services are already powered by DataReservoir.io™.

We are now sharing this powerful solution with others who also believe in the value of data driven engineering. The engineering teams can work with and share time series data to create new insight and increased business value.

Read more about DataReservoir.io™ here.


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Key Benefits

  • Provides domain experts with a tool to work with large, live data sets to create new insight
  • Enables engineers to safely share insight and decision support with stakeholders
  • Gives access to a selection of data connectors for easy connection to relevant data sources
  • Allows engineers and data scientist to perform data analytics on large data sets using their preferred analysis tools such as Python, Power BI, Seeq or similar
Key Features

  • Easy to use and highly scalable cloud application for data streaming, data analytics, and data sharing
  • Lets engineers develop and run their own application as a managed service in the cloud, including publishing of the results to clients and third-party stakeholders
  • Open APIs enables efficient integration with other systems

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