Digitising Drilling Operations

4insight® Drilling is a digital twin for anomaly detection and increased operating envelopes. The digital service reduces risk and cost of operation while at the same time maximising the service life of subsea wellheads.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your drilling operations?
  • You lack overview of the fatigue status of your wellheads before you start operations
  • You have to stop or postpone drilling operations because of limited operating envelopes
  • You have experienced that structural failures are detected too late, causing high cost and risk of operation
  • You can’t find the history of rig operations on your wells or lack continuous tracking of wellhead fatigue
  • You need more efficient and secure sharing of information with operators and vendors
  • You want to avoid abandoning wells and need a new approach to optimising drilling operations using machine learning and AI
  • You are interested in detecting anomalies before they develop into operational issues


Digital Twin as a Service

4insight® Drilling provides live decision support to drilling operations using a combination of domain expertise, machine learning and AI. Results are early detection of anomalies that allows for mitigating actions to prevent rig downtime. 4insight® Drilling focuses on optimising rig operating envelopes and early detection of anomalies allowing time to adjust operations and take mitigating action to prevent stop in operation. The solution provides operators with key decision support delivered simultaneously to onshore and offshore personnel.

Knowing the status of the wellhead is essential when connecting to a subsea well to perform completion, workover or a side track operation. Keeping track of key data provides better decision support, allows for extended service life, and secures optimal production from your wells.


4insight® is a digital service providing key decision support to energy operators. The service enables domain experts to collect large amounts of data and create new insight based on machine learning and AI. Users can choose from a large selection of readily available applications or tailormake their own apps running on 4insight®. The portfolio includes 4insight® Asset Integrity, 4insight® Drilling, 4insight® Data Analytics, and 4insight® Marine Operations.

System Architecture

The architecture behind 4insight® is designed to receive and compute large amounts of data, unlocking the true poten-tial of the data to ensure the best possible decision support for operators. The service contains Digital Twins of the assets and helps operators improve data quality and manage the ownership, security, sharing and use of data, while at the same time reducing operational costs and risk. 4insight® is a multi-tenant solution residing on Microsoft Azure.

A key principle behind the 4insight® service is its open APIs and open accessibility. Operators are free to hook onto any data stream of raw or processed data through open APIs. The operator is also free to give access to the solution and its data to any third-party organisation of choice.

4Subsea 4insight Drilling illustration


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Key Benefits

  • Increases rig operating envelopes through trained machine learning algorithms
  • Reduces risk of drilling and completion operations though early detection of structural failures
  • Provides operational advice to manage well stability issues, including shallow gas and shallow water situations
  • Continuously tracks development of wellhead fatigue
  • Helps avoid abandonment of well due to soil support issues or wash-out situations
  • Gives feedback on VIV management
  • Reduces the level of conservatism by using actual loads in the assessments
  • Tunes, calibrates and improves riser analysis models
  • Detects anomalies before they develop into operational issues
  • Provides operational decision support based on machine learning and AI
  • Provides better decision support based on easy access to wellhead integrity status
  • Ensures secure exchange of data between stakeholders
Key Features

  • Monitoring actual global riser loads on wellhead and conductor
  • Maximising operating window and avoid disconnecting in harsh weather conditions
  • Extending the service life of the well by documenting the actual fatigue life history of the wellhead
  • Monitoring accumulated wellhead fatigue damage and structural integrity of wellhead system
  • Reducing level of conservatism by using actual loads in assessments
  • Monitoring conductor stability in the soil and conductor inclination
  • Detecting washout situations and soil support issues or challenges.Intuitive and context based Well dashboards powered by Microsoft PowerBI
  • Historical timeline for the assets, so that historical overview is maintained
  • Interfacing for consumption of data from external sensor data sources
  • Securing access with your organisation through digital federation services

Utilising Microsoft Azure

  • 4insight® Drilling is part of 4Subsea’s digital platform and runs on the Microsoft Azure platform (PaaS), utilising Azure’s scalability features to the full – from compute resources to storage, and global scalability through Microsoft’s data centres around the world.

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