Data is a highly strategic asset, and™ allows for seamless data access and sharing of time series data. This enables engineering teams to focus on creating insight and value with improved analytics.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your operations?
  • Insufficient control over data ownership and governance
  • Limited or no opportunity to utilise time series data to improve engineering tasks
  • Unused opportunity to enable machine learning projects to improve operations
  • Teams cannot access same and/or all data available, due to complicated or missing external/internal data flow
  • There is a desire to start small in order to avoid big upfront investments


Many of our own digital products and services are already powered by™. We are now sharing this powerful solution with others who also believe in the value of data driven engineering. The engineering teams can work with and share time series data to create new insight and increased business value.


With™ operators can ingest and store data generated from IoT devices on a user-friendly interface, and with access to in-house time series databases.™ also enables for analytics and machine learning projects using your own data. Furthermore, you can build both simple and advanced engineering processing pipelines using your own time series data.


“We believe insight arise when engineers are empowered with the right data at the right time, and in the right manner. We craft software and solutions in agile teams composed of domain engineers, data scientists, software engineers, and sensor specialists. The focus lies on delivering value to the end user; the engineer.”

Øyvind Tveit, EVP Software Solutions, 4Subsea


Three use cases for™, depending on your organisation’s storage solution

Use case #3 data reservoir 4Subsea


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Key Benefits

  • Secure and safe – use your organisation’s own authentication processes to access data.
  • Frictionless data access and sharing between team members in the organisation.
  •™ understands many protocols and formats – one simple interface to interact with many data storage solutions.
  •™ ensures consistent formatting across all your data.


Key Features

  • Secure and simple time series storage and exchange solution in the cloud.
  • Streaming and IoT support; OPC UA, AMQP, MQTT protocols supported out-of-the-box.
  • On-demand push/pull of data.
  • Basic REST API for advanced integration with other systems.
  • Advanced Python API for native experience – streamlined for modern data science eco systems.