Flexins Pipeline Inspection

Manage observations from retrieved pipes to support continued operation of flexible pipes. Flexins is a collaboration solution designed specifically for managing pipe data, results, observations and learnings from inspection of retrieved pipes.

Flexins pipeline inspection

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea operations?
  • You struggle with creating insight from failed flexible pipes to increase performance for those in operation
  • You have struggled with the handling of all the information related to failure investigation of flexible pipes
  • You have fragmented data sources and spend too much time searching for data


Flexins improves storage, systematisation and management of all relevant information, including large amounts of full-size pictures and inspection videos. The solution enables efficient transfer of learning from onshore inspection to improved integrity management supporting continued operation of flexible pipes.


The solution has been actively used by 4Subsea on all projects for onshore inspection, dissection and failure investigations since 2012.


Flexins is part of 4Subsea’s digital platform and runs on the Microsoft Azure platform (PaaS), utilizing Azure’s scalability features to the full – from compute resources to storage, and global scalability by utilizing Microsoft’s datacentres around the world.


Examples of insights gained with using Flexins


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Key Benefits

  • Gives easy access to both design and operational data, enabling better decision support
  • Improves collaboration between all organizations involved in inspection, dissection, and detailed laboratory examinations.
  • Provides improved logistics management for handling and control of pipes, pipes sections and samples.
  • Reduces resources spent on bookkeeping and reporting, and avoid duplication of information


Key Features

  • Intuitive dashboards providing overview of relevant information
  • Direct online access to all relevant information in one place
  • Relates findings from inspections to specific pipe details and location along the pipe
  • Secure access with your organisation through digital federation services

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