FlexShare™ - A Joint Operator Initiative For Flexibles

FlexShare™ enables efficient industry experience-sharing related to all types of flexible pipes. Sharing among operators and stakeholders is facilitated through the digital portal FlexShare.io, participant seminars, events alerts, and reports.

Key Benefits for Operators


  • You can support concept selection and design phases by benchmarking different pipe systems along with own experiences relative to other operators
  • You can prevent downtime by exploiting successful mitigations made by other operators
  • You can extend service life through deeper insight in long term degradation mechanisms and incident statistics
  • You will learn more by sharing good practices and ideas, as well as anonymous requesting 1-to-1 meetings with operators having valuable experiences
  • You will stay updated on the latest from design and IM techniques by attending the FlexShare™ seminars


“PSA emphasizes the importance of sharing critical information among operators, and FlexShare is an important contribution to risk reduction and safe operation of flexible pipes on NCS and globally.”
Trond Sundby, PSA Norway (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway)


Operators can pull and present virtually any data in the format they see fit, have tools for benchmarking and comparison, and facilitate smart support to learn more by anonymously contacting other operators.


What about data control?
  • The operator is in full control of when and what to share with others.
  • There is full anonymity to the shared data.
  • The operator is in full control of who will have access to FlexShare™ (solution and pipe inventory).
  • Your contractors can be given restricted access to retrieve or manage information; access level (read/edit) is managed by the operator.
  • The digital solution offers the possibility to anonymously ask the “event owner” for more information. As such, common experiences can be discussed, and successful research/mitigations can be shared for mutual benefit.
  • FlexShare™ is built on a modern digital platform. This involves the highest security protocols and the possibility to integrate FlexShare™ with operators’ company systems (such as pipe databases, document systems, PI data servers etc.)
  • 4Subsea can only see shared data and cannot use the information for commercial purposes. As host, 4Subsea will take a proactive role on informing the participants on latest events, trends and extraordinary alerts in case of new events with high risk to operational integrity.


The FlexShare™ vision is “To be a trustworthy arena for sharing flexible pipe experiences, so that all stakeholders contribute to risk and cost reduction for design and operation of flexible pipes.”


Main components of FlexShare™
  • FlexShare.io
    • For registration of events with relation to pipes. Dynamic dashboards providing insight to data (overview, statistics, etc)
  • FlexTrack™
    • Pipe inventory data base for FlexShare™, managing all relevant metadata assosciated with flexible pipes. Also used as a tool for integrity management of flexible pipes (optional)
  • Data management and in-app support
    • Details on events are registered in FlexShare™ through a structured setup of free-text, dropdowns and tagged entries. Tooltips, changelog and comment fields support data entry and quality assurance. An in-app chat is available for technical support
  • Dynamic dashboard reports
    • The dynamic dashboard reports pulls data from the solution and combine event data with pipe data for statistics and deeper insight to incidents and relevant experience. Custom dashboard reports may be prepared to each operator. FlexShare™ facilitates anonymous contact to other operators for more details on events and effective mitigations.
  • Federation granting users access to both FlexTrack™ and FlexShare™ using the company’s organisational identity
    • The benefit of federation is that the organisation is in full control of who has access to the information managed in the solution.
  • Integration with Company Systems
    • Document system integration enables direct link to relevant documents
    • PI Server integration enables visualization and processing of related operational data (pressure, temperature, VGM systems etc.)

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Main Deliverables

  • Core features and services on a shared digital platform – secures easy access to incidents database for experience-sharing and safe operation of flexible risers
  • Annual roundtable conference and bi-annual webinars to ensure good discussions among operators on riser incidents and mitigating actions
  • Newsletters and event alert notifications on new events & learnings, developments and ideas
  • Optional company specific additions to enrich the use of FlexShare™
Hosting and Maintenance

  • FlexShare™ is hosted and maintained by 4Subsea
  • Hosting of roundtable conferences for sharing flexible pipe experience and FlexShare™ user experience
  • Potential new features or functions to be discussed and agreed at the user events
  • Hosting and maintenance of digital solution is a responsibility of 4Subsea
  • Technical support is a responsibility of 4Subsea

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