Ocean4Cast Marine Weather Forecast

A web solution that simplifies weather analysis for optimal marine operations. Ocean4cast contains historical wind and wave hindcast data from 1957 to the present day. Ocean4cast is a web solution developed for the Norwegian Deepwater Programme. Already a user? Log in

Ocean4Cast marine weather forecast

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your offshore installations?

  • You lack a method to compare statistical weather data with your operational data
  • It’s difficult to retrieve weather statistics just when you need it
  • You have experienced problems related to poor quality weather statistics
  • It’s difficult to compare your results with your vendor’s findings because you use different data sets


In marine operations it is important to assess weather limitations. In order to automate such assessments, 4Subsea has helped Equinor build a user-friendly web portal called Ocean4Cast, for employees to easily and quickly calculate weather waiting statistics for their marine operations.


The most useful function of Ocean4Cast is simply enabling the users to calculate their own weather waiting statistics based on this huge historical and geographical dataset.


Watch a short demonstration of Ocean4Cast

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no) is responsible for updating the dataset on a 1-2 month basis. The dataset is the basis for metocean design in several major oil companies, and is used to e.g. generate scatter diagrams of wave data. For any given location both monthly and yearly scatter diagrams can be generated and downloaded in Excel format.


Ocean4Cast is a toolset utilising the NORA10 data set for statistical analyses. The dataset contains more than 50 years of wave and wind data for 50 000 locations. The area cover encompasses Greenland in the West, Novaja Semlja in the East, Svalbard in the North, and France in the South. Ocean4Cast is currently only available to Norwegian Deepwater Programme (NDP) members.


Interested in learning more? Download the case study “How Equinor increased efficiency and reduced waiting time for engineers by digitising processing of metocean data”

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Key Features

  • Initiating an analysis only requires input information about location, duration of operation, and weather limitations, such as significant wave height.
  • Ocean4Cast runs on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • With a dataset of several terabytes that is continuously increasing, the ability to handle large amounts of data is essential. Azure Storage is more than capable of performing this task.
  • Azure App Services furthermore supports the website and user interaction at scale with fast deployment and high availability.

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