4insight® for Wind Energy

4Subsea delivers key decision support on 4insight® for optimised production from offshore wind turbines. Retrofittable sensors, combined with advanced machine learning algorithms and 4Subsea domain expertise, help operators realise the significant potential of reduced cost using digital tools.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your offshore wind assets?
  • Corrosion, damage or fatigue of sub-structures are resulting in reduced lifetime of equipment, hence increasing levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Cable failures due to movements, temperatures, or loads outside design parameters of equipment
  • New actions are needed for LCOE reduction, and smart use of data is an under-utilised asset for your company
  • Loss of production, either stop in production or production downtime due to cable or other asset integrity issues
  • Sub-optimal replacement scheduling; repairing or replacing equipment due to age rather than actual status of equipment


SMS Guard™ is an autonomous sensor kit for monitoring of floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind substructures. Is a simple to install instrumentation package that enables continuous integrity monitoring of offshore wind turbines. 4insight® Asset Integrity gives operators full control of the loads acting on- and the motions of the tower and substructure. The data can be used for continuous integrity monitoring and early detection of anomalies both in the turbine itself, in the tower and substructure and the seabed support of the substructure.

In addition to live integrity monitoring, the data can be used by operators to maximise the operating life of offshore wind turbines and to optimise the design of future wind turbines, thus reducing LCOE considerably. 4insight® Offshore Wind with SMS Guard™ is a true IoT solution where all data is made available through an open API, enabling cloud computing and collaborative data analytics.


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4Subsea provides key decision support with a digital twin that enables wind farm operators to “know it before it happens” and fix it before it gets big. Read about instrumentation of the floating turbine Zefyros off the coast of west Norway to prove cost-reduction potential with a digital twin here.


Reduced OPEX

Artificial intelligence to detect and predict anomalies in substructure, cables and mooring lines.

  • Avoid production loss
  • Detect anomalies in production
  • Prevent unplanned equipment replacements and repair


Reduced CAPEX

Digital twin on 4insight® to enable life extension and data-driven design of future fields

  • Extend service life of assets, hence reducing annualized capital expenditure
  • Reduce LCOE of future wind farms with data-driven design to allow for lighter structures


The videos below visualise the cost reduction potential for bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines.



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Key Benefits

  • Helps avoid stop in production
  • Enables lifetime extension of sub-structures
  • Potential for reduced steel weight and reduced installation cost
  • Helps avoid replacement or expensive repair
  • Enables lower maintenance costs
  • Improves ability to make operational decisions quickly and confidently
  • Gives easy access to both design and operational data, enabling better decision support
  • Better collaboration – everyone shares same the same data and insights
  • Decision support delivered on 4inisight.io™
Key Features

  • Live integrity monitoring of bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines
  • Load and fatigue monitoring of the tower and substructure
  • Continuous monitoring of substructure – seabed interaction
  • Automatic detection of turbine anomalies
  • Data made available through open APIs enabling data analytics and collaboration
  • Intuitive and context based dashboards powered by Microsoft PowerBI embedded
  • Utilisation of 4Subsea’s digital services federation as secure access within the organisation (already in use by Shell, Statoil, GE, FMC, SINTEF, and Aker Solutions)
  • The digital service runs on the Microsoft Azure platform (PaaS), utilising Azure’s scalability features to the full

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