Digitising Drilling Operations

4insight® Drilling - previously called WellTrack™ - is a collaboration solution for managing key data and the integrity status of wellheads. The solution improves the ability to plan operations, basing decisions on verified information, so that you can take the right actions at the right time. 4insight® significantly reduces time and cost spent on wellhead integrity assessments.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your drilling operations?
  • You lack overview of the fatigue status of your wellheads before you start operations
  • You have fragmented data sources and spend too much time searching for data
  • You can’t find the history of rig operations on your wells
  • You need an efficient platform for secure sharing of information with operators and vendors


The data basis for the pre-operational assessments is often fragmented, stored and managed out of context in different locations and software systems which makes it scattered and inaccessible. As a result of this, status assessments are often based on unreliable sources and conservative assumptions, leading to limited lifetime.


With the new wave of digitalization and emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), it is set to transform the tradition oilfields into digital oilfields (DOF). 4Subsea’s SWIM is embedded with intelligence and connectivity that serves as a critical tool in the operator’s decision-making process.

The integration of WellTrack, a group of digital applications, machine learning modules and analytical platform helps in data consolidation and alerts the operators that requires immediate attention thereby enhancing the maintenance process. With such robust solution, it increases data reliability that enables operators to improve asset health. Moreover this helps in transitioning towards predictive maintenance, a key essential that helps to optimize rig performance and reduce OPEX.

Kiravani Emani, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, February 2018


Knowing the status of the wellhead is essential when connecting to a subsea well to perform completion, workover or a side track operation. Keeping track of key data provides better decision support, allows for extended service life, and secures optimal production from your wells.


Case study: Anomaly detection with 4insight® Drilling:


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Key Benefits

  • Provides better decision support based on easy access to wellhead integrity status
  • Gives effortless access to verified equipment data and operational history
  • Gives access to and support from domain experts.
  • Ensures secure exchange of data between stakeholders
  • Transforms information into insight through interaction with third party apps such as PowerBI and Python


Key Features

  • Intuitive and context based Well dashboards powered by Microsoft PowerBI
  • Structured data & search driven document
  • Historical timeline for the assets, so that historical overview is maintained
  • Interface for consuming data from external sensor data sources
  • Secure access with your organisation through digital federation services


Utilising Microsoft Azure

  • 4insight® Drilling is part of 4Subsea’s digital platform and runs on the Microsoft Azure platform (PaaS), utilising Azure’s scalability features to the full – from compute resources to storage, and global scalability through Microsoft’s data centres around the world.

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