Risers and Flowlines

4Subsea offers a wide range of offshore solutions related to risers and flowlines, umbilicals and power cables. We aim to be the leading global provider of independent services on flexible pipes.

Where Your Needs and Our Capabilities Meet

Our services are highly relevant if:

  • You are an oil and gas operator with flexible risers and flowlines in operation
  • You require an independent expert team to take care of your flexible pipes during operation
  • Your flexible pipes are reaching their design life and you want to extend their service life
  • You have an anomaly in a riser and need to document integrity without performing repair 
  • You cannot document the integrity of your flexible pipe due to outer sheath breach
  • You need an engineering team for brown/green field concept engineering and FEED
  • You need independent R&D on issues such as polymer aging, corrosion and x-section mechanisms
  • You want to use digitised solutions to reduce cost and to enable efficient and live reporting


4Subsea performs a range of different offshore activities, including annulus volume measurements, vent flow capacity checks, gas sampling and visual inspection. Findings will normally lead to leak detection, outer sheath repairs, re-establishment of annulus ventilation, or similar actions. The solutions usually need to be custom-made for each riser, hence requiring innovative and experienced personnel. The costs savings in using expert competence and advanced digitised solutions for maintaining production are significant and long-lasting.


4Subsea has the knowledge and tools to perform the most challenging engineering tasks. Moreover, we continously strive to simplify complexity and to develop optimal, tailormade solutions together with our clients.

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