Annulus Monitoring System AMOS™

Reduce your flexible riser costs. 4Subsea’s annulus monitoring solution AMOS™ provides safe and cost-effective operation of flexible risers. The system monitors the riser annulus diffusion rate, detecting early signs of riser failure, reducing risk and averting potential costly replacement of risers. The results are safe operations, improved decision making as well as reduced cost.

Annulus monitoring system AMOS™

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea operations?
  • You are not able to monitor your risers properly and get early warnings of anomalies
  • Your monitoring solution doesn’t integrate to your control room
  • You need a simple and cost effective solution for monitoring free annulus volume
  • You need real-time monitoring of your risers
  • You need to have a service agreement with an expert environment to reduce risk of riser failure


AMOS™ is a continuous annulus monitoring system for new and existing (retrofit) flexible risers. It uses a patent pending method to detect failures such as outer sheath damages and blocked ventilation ports early on, hence preventing costly replacements, shutdowns and accidents. AMOS™ also provides the option of automated annulus free volume testing as well as automated nitrogen annulus testing.


4Subsea has installed AMOS™ units on 8 different offshore installations on the NCS for major oil and gas operators since the system became commercially available in 2013.


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Key Benefits

  • Reduces risk of production downtime
  • Provides early warning in case of anomalies
  • Performs free annulus volume measurements
  • Provides real-time condition monitoring of riser
  • Integrates to central control room
  • Ensures installation without operational downtime
  • Includes simple to use touch-screen interface
  • Gives access to our experts’ extensive experience and knowledge base
  • Can be tailormade to customer specifications


Options Available

  • Automated annulus free volume testing
  • Automated Nitrogen annulus testing


Key Features

  • Fail-safe design
  • Built from robust standard components
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Local storage of measured data
  • Ethernet connection for online monitoring


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