FlexCare™ Pipeline Integrity Management

Maintain production and reduce your operational costs. Managing the integrity of flexible risers is key to maintain production and reduce operational cost. FlexCare™ is an integrity management service that helps operators avoid production downtime and riser replacements, while reducing risk to personnel and environment.

Flexcare pipeline integrity management

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea operations?

  • Your flexible pipes are reaching the design life and require a reanalysis and monitoring campaign to extend the service life for another 5 years
  • You need an efficient platform for storing and managing data, information and experience during the service life of the flexible pipe assets
  • The integrity of your flexible riser cannot be fully documented and requires continuous annulus vent monitoring as a mitigating action
  • You have a damage in the outer sheath of the flexible riser that needs repair


4Subsea performs a range of different offshore activities, including annulus volume measurements, vent flow capacity checks, gas sampling and visual inspection. Findings will often lead to leak detection, outer sheath repairs, re-establishment of annulus ventilation, or similar actions. The solutions usually need to be custom made for each riser, hence requiring innovative and experienced personnel.


4Subsea is the leading independent service company for managing the integrity of flexible risers, currently managing over 240 risers for operators around the world.


The FlexCare™ Service Package Includes
  • Access to FlexTrack™ – Life cycle management of risers, flowlines and umbilicals
  • Engineering and R&D – handling anomalies and research
  • Condition monitoring – vent gas monitoring (AMOS™) and integrated monitoring solutions
  • Testing and inspection – automated annulus testing (PAT™), manual testing, internal inspection (UPIT™)
  • Repair – outer sheath and vent port repairs (EPIC™)
  • Recommendations and predictions of integrity measures based on test results and 4Subsea expert evaluation
  • 24/7 support service from 4Subsea riser experts


The Patent Pending Portable Annulus Tester PAT™

PAT™ is a fully automated and hand carried test unit weighing 30kg. It is designed to enable riser annulus testing by any third party or operator. Standard test features are free annulus volume measurements and annulus vent gas flow rate. The solution has been covered by the leading Norwegian tech magazine Teknisk Ukeblad (TU). You may read their conclusions for further reference. In a later article, TU exemplified technological innovation that automates our workday, such as Robots, self-driving cars, AI – and 4Subsea’s PAT™. 


Digitising Risers with FlexTrack™

FlexTrack™ is a collaboration solution designed specifically to manage and process information regarding integrity management of flexible lines and umbilicals, providing full control over key data and the integrity status of flexible risers. We believe that having well documented data, managed in a context based system is essential when planning operations. That is why we offer FlexTrack™ as part of our services. The solution has been actively used by 4Subsea on all integrity management projects since 2008.


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Key Benefits

  • Provides control of the integrity status and service life of flexible risers
  • Enables a typical 30% cost reduction compared to traditional annulus test methods
  • Requires no extra or third-party personnel o shore for riser annulus testing
  • Includes 24/7 support service from 4Subsea
  • Uses standardised algorithm of data interpretation to ensure consistent results and history of integrity assessments
  • Comes with FlexTrackTM web service with historical data and industry statistics comparisons


Relevant Services

  • Offshore testing and inspection with riser specialists, including leak detection
  • Outer sheath repairs (topside and ROV installable)
  • Riser monitoring (impact, motions, strain, slugging etc)
  • Damage assessment and riser dissection using advanced cross section analysis
  • Riser life time extension evaluations
  • Global and local riser analyses, such as riser design, installation, and replacements


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