Flexible Pipeline Engineering

Your expert partner for advanced subsea engineering. 4Subsea has the knowledge and tools to perform the most challenging engineering tasks. Moreover, we continously strive to simplify complexity and to develop optimal, tailormade solutions together with our clients. We aim to be the leading global provider of independent services on flexible pipes.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea assets?

  •  Your flexible pipe assets are reaching the design life and require a detailed reanalysis and monitoring campaign to extend the service life for another 5 years
  • The integrity of your flexible riser cannot be fully documented and requires continuous annulus vent monitoring as a mitigating action
  • You have an anomaly in a riser and need to document integrity without performing repair


4Subsea offers a wide range of engineering services related to production risers and flowlines, umbilicals and power cables. We cover all life cycle phases, starting with technology development and conceptual design through FEED and detailed design, procurement, construction, installation, operation, and decommissioning.

4Subsea has the capability and available tools to provide the complete range of engineering and analyses for flexible pipe systems. We offer the unique combination of advanced analyses using state-of-the-art tools with hands-on knowledge and experience, allowing us to simplify complex challenges and find efficient solutions.


What We Offer

  • Advisory services – using our unique system understanding to work with our clients to find the best solutions
  • Technology development and qualification
  • Advanced global and local flexible pipe and umbilical analyses
  • Research and Development projects towards integrity assessment


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Key Deliverables

  • A comprehensive, cost-effective service package ensuring safe operations and reduced life-cycle cost
  • Advanced system analysis of riser systems, umbilicals, and cables
  • Cross section analysis of riser systems and umbilicals
  • Fully coupled response analysis of risers and mooring systems
  • Concept and FEED studies
  • Brownfield studies and service life assessments
  • Lifetime extension assessments


Local Analysis

  • Flexible riser and umbilical local analysis including:
    • Impact
    • Over bending
    • Buckling
    • Carcass collapse
    • Bore blockage
    • Thermal induced axial load
  • Flexible pipe diffusion analysis


System Engineering

  • Global analysis of riser, umbilical, and cable systems
  • Concept and FEED studies
  • Brown field studies and reanalysis assessments
  • Service life assessments and fatigue analysis
  • Installation and lifting analysis
  • Tie-In and In-place
  • Upheaval buckling analysis
  • Subsea routing
  • Seabed stability and upheaval buckling analysis

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