Riser Repair Clamps EPIC™

Avoid costly riser replacement and production downtime. 4Subsea offers long-term clamp repair to reduce risk of pipe failure and ensure maintained production. The EPIC™ series provides safe and cost effective outer sheath repair solutions for flexible risers and flowlines. The repair can be performed with no riser downtime and low installation time.

Riser repair clamps EPIC™

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your flexible risers?

  • You have an outer sheath breach either above or below sea level that requires a repair
  • You lack a good solution to document to maintain your riser integrity
  • You need a cost effective solution easily and safely installed either by rope access (above sea level) or by ROV or divers (subsea)


A riser clamp repair may be required based on findings from annulus testing, ROV inspection, or visual inspections. The most common findings are a damaged outer sheath or blocked vent ports. 4Subsea provides repair solutions that can be installed without any loss of production time. We may also undertake overall project responsibility for such projects. The patent pending EPIC™ clamping solutions are currently in use on several installations on the Norwegian and British continental shelf, the Dutch sector, and in Africa.


Riser repair on the Norwegian continental shelf

4Subsea clamp repair offshore
4Subsea clamp repair 

Watch a short video demonstrating riser repair subsea:


Watch a short video with underwater footage of repair clamp (fish and all):


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Key Benefits

  • Extends life of flexible pipes
  • Prevents costly riser replacements
  • Enables cost efficient operations, avoiding riser downtime
  • Repair requires low installation time
  • Provides permanent repair of damaged outer sheath or blocked vent ports
  • Provides access to the 4Subsea experts’ extensive experience and knowledge base


The EPIC™ Clamp Repair Series

  • ROV installation for subsea applications
  • Diver installation for subsea applications
  • Manual installation for topside applications
  • Custom applications upon request, e.g. repair clamp for leakage in riser end-fitting, re-establishment of annulus vent, or montoring clamp for equipping sensors or other equipment


Key Features

  • Made of steel plate with rubber sealing for repair of outer sheath breach
  • Clamps can be delivered with vent port(s) for re-establishment of annulus ventilation
  • Customized to riser outer diameter and size of damage
  • Produced in Super Duplex, 6 Mo, or 316SS material
  • Light weight design with long lifetime
  • EPICTM ROV clamp is designed for ROV installation, and the operation is performed with a standard work class ROV
  • EPIC™ clamps are designed for long lifetime in harsh offshore environments, and is normally installed by climbers or from scaffolding
  • Clamps may be installed both as temporary and permanent solutions

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