Structural Assessment

Reduce operational downtime and identify reserve capacity. 4Subsea is a leading expert on structural assessment and advanced analysis of flexible pipe damages and failures. We help operators maintain safe operation and reduce operational downtime. 4Subsea develops and refines analytical tools and methods based on extensive accumulated experience.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea assets?

  • Your flexible pipes are reaching their design life and you want to extend their service life
  • You need to reduce operational downtime
  • You lack proper analytical tools and methods for testing your flexible risers
  • You need to perform material tests in a better way
  • You need expert advice on the structural capacity of your flexible pipes


4Subsea has unique experience with full- mid- and small scale testing and validating of established guidelines and Finite Element analysis. This includes material tests, carcass tests and in total six full scale tests of bore blockage in recovered full length flexible risers and flowlines.


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Key Deliverables

  • Structural capacity of flexible pipes, considering anomalies by performing advanced finite element analysis (2D & 3D fully non-linear)
  • Modelling as-built geometry and material with observed damages
  • Planning and execution of full- and small scale test of flexible pipes
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of material tests
  • Root cause investigation
  • Operational feedback


Advanced Finite Element Analysis

We use finite element analyses (2D and 3D) and experience with operation and damage investigation to provide expert advice for flexible pipe incidents.

  • Impact
  • Over bending
  • Buckling
  • Carcass collapse
  • Bore blockage
  • Thermal induced axial load


Structural Assessment

  • Advisory services
  • Capacity estimates
  • Blockage position
  • Material properties/ageing issues
  • Cross section interlayer geometry/friction
  • Operational history, pressure & temperature scenarios
  • Basis for risk assessment
  • Operational guidelines



  • Detailed FE analysis using MARC
  • 2D model and axis symmetric modelling
  • 3D model for validation and non-axi symmetrical cases

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