Offshore Wind

The challenges with oil and gas assets have many similarities with those of offshore wind parks. 4Subsea has in-depth understanding of complex dynamic analysis of slender and non-slender structures in wind, waves and currents. We have worked with floating and bottom-fixed turbine structures since 2010.

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Where Your Needs and Our Capabilities Meet


Our services are highly relevant if:

  • You are currently operating offshore wind farms
  • You are exploring new concepts and designs for offshore wind farms, including floating wind turbines
  • You are developing an offshore wind farm and want to ensure a robust cable design
  • You are operating an offshore wind farm and want to avoid production loss due to cable failures
  • You have concerns about cable to substructure interfaces
  • You have concerns about substructure to seabed interfaces and structural dynamics


4Subsea is continously focusing on providing services and advice that minimise damage to personnel and the environment. It is also our ambition to be an active player in the development of efficient and reliable renewable solutions. The technology and methods used in oil and gas are to a large degree applicable to fixed or floating structures being part of offshore renewable energy solutions.

Having knowledge of complex dynamic analysis of slender and non-slender structures in wind, waves and currents, we develop and refine analytical tools and methods based on extensive accumulated experience. Our digital services includes a digital twin for offshore wind, specifically designed for cable monitoring. This enables operators to avoid or reduce production loss.


4Subsea takes part in the IEA Offshore Code  Comparison Collaboration Continuation projects (OC4 & OC5) with verification and validation of software for offshore wind turbines.


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