Offshore Wind Engineering

4Subsea is your expert partner for advanced subsea engineering. There is significant opportunity for technology transfer from oil & gas to offshore wind. 4Subsea offers a wide range of engineering services and monitoring products related to offshore wind systems. We provide dedicated expertise for concept development and detailed engineering of offshore floating wind, as well as system design and analysis of inter-array and export cables.
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Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your offshore wind assets?
  • Insufficient knowledge in-house about cable to substructure interfaces, substructure to seabed interfaces, or structural dynamics
  • You lack the tools and expertise necessary to ensure a robust cable design
  • You need engineering expertise for exploring new concepts and designs for bottom-fixed or floating wind turbines


4Subsea has unique experience with structural assessment, damage investigation and monitoring of submarine power cables and umbilicals. We offer advisory services to design, fatigue, testing and integrity management. Furthermore, we provide expert advice on system cable design for bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind turbines and offshore substations.


4Subsea experience with floating wind turbines – Hywind projects 2010-2019
  • System / concept / key driver insight
  • Marine design
  • Structural design
  • Mooring design
  • Floating substation design for wind park
  • Cable configuration design
  • Global analysis
  • Marine operations and Commercial

… actually more than 10 projects and 50 activities – and 20 000+ work hours


Hywind 4Subsea illustration


We cover all life cycle phases, starting with technology development and conceptual design through FEED and detailed design, procurement, construction, installation, operation, and decommissioning. As such, we aim to be your expert partner for advanced subsea engineering.

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Key Deliverables

  • Concept development
  • Structural design
  • Mooring system design
  • Dynamic cable design
  • Assembly and marine operations


Cable System Analysis

  • Cable Protection Systems (CPS)
  • Cable configuration system design
  • Cable fatigue analysis
  • Ancillary components (stiffeners, clamps, buoyancy)
  • Installation analysis
  • Tie-in analysis
  • Subsea routing


Structural Assessment & Monitoring

  • Detailed FE analysis using MARC
  • 2D model and axis symmetric modelling
  • 3D model for validation and non-axi symmetrical cases
  • Planning and execution of full scale test
  • Small scale test – material
  • Monitoring cable using autonomous sensor technology – fatigue, scour, freespan
  • Data for validation of FE analysis
  • Basis for risk assessment

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