Sensor Technology for Subsea and Offshore Wind Operations

4Subsea’s retrofittable, autonomous sensors help operators reduce cost of operations and maximise life of assets, by using the sensors in combination with advanced algorithms, data analytics and specialist engineering competence. 

Where Your Needs and Our Capabilities Meet

Our sensor technology solutions are highly relevant if:

  • You are operating assets, such as subsea XTs, FPSOs, flowlines, risers and umbilicals, bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines, drilling rigs, and subsea manifolds and templates
  • There are parts of your equipment where you lack data in order to keep track of integrity status
  • You need key decision support to run your subsea operation in a controlled manner
  • You are currently performing regular ROV inspections in order to monitor the condition of your equipment


Technology applications include monitoring of wellhead integrity, risers, mooring lines, subsea spools and manifolds, as well as monitoring of pipelines and subsea structures for oil & gas and offshore wind sub-structures. The costs savings in using our expert personnel and advanced sensor technology for maintaining production are significant and long-lasting.


During our FPSO riser’s life extension efforts, Shell Brazil installed 3 motion sensors from 4Subsea in order to acquire in-loco real data for riser and vessel motion. With surprisingly easy installation and plug-and-play feature, these sensors were found to be of extreme importance in updating the vessel and riser movement models, in order to improve these equipment fatigue calculations.​ Shell Brazil​, 2018


Products in the Smart Monitoring Sensors (SMS) range:

  • SMS Motion™ – autonomous and retrofittable motion and vibration sensor
  • SMS Strain™ – retrofittable strain sensor
  • SMS Gateway™ – connecting sensors to the cloud
  • SMS Magic Hand™ – seafloor to topside in seconds
  • SMS ComCentral™ – bringing sensor data to the cloud
  • SMS Guard™ – autonomous, retrofittable sensor kit for wind turbines


SMS Motion™SMS Magic Hand™SMS Guard™SMS Strain™SMS Gateway™SMS ComCentral