Jumper and Freespan Monitoring

Reduced cost of ROV inspection and improved integrity. 4Subsea helps operators reduce cost of operations and maximise life of assets using autonomous sensors in combination with data analytics and specialist engineering competence.


Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea fields in operation?
  • You continuously weigh the need for integrity control versus the cost of ROV inspections
  • You believe most of your equipment is ok, however you send out ROVs to check parts of it annually or bi-annually
  • The current subsea infrastructure makes it expensive and complex to add monitoring even when you want to


The solution ensures immediate alarms in case of impact or onset of vibrations. The system allows operators to reduce the use of ROV inspection, knowing that if flow-induced vibrations occur or if there is a trawl impact, an alarm will go back to shore immediately. If the sensor detects impact or vibrations, a small alarm tag is released from the sensor and floats to the surface to send an alarm message via satellite.


The solution for monitoring of freespans and production jumpers reduces cost of ROV inspections by up to 60%


Freespan monitoring. Releaser and Floater with SMS Gyro™ sensor (5-year battery pack)
The Floater is released, ascends to the surface and transmits its alarm message back to shore.


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Key Benefits

  • Provides immediate alarm to shore in case of impact
  • Provides immediate alarm to shore at onset of vibration
  • Gives better understanding as all data is stored and used for trending
  • Reduces cost of ROV inspections by up to 60%


Sensor Specifications

  • Monitoring with SMS Gyro™ and SMS Vibration™
  • Monitoring frequency: 10 Hz – 40 Hz
  • All data stored in sensor up to 5 years
  • SMS Satellite™ is used for sending alarms
  • Typical sensor dimensions: Height: <500mm. Diameter: ≈130mm. Weight: ≈12kg
  • Pressure rating: 3000m water depth
  • ROV installable and retrievable
  • Design life: 25 years
  • Battery life: 5 years continuous operation and data storage
  • Field proven concept with >100 000 hours of monitoring

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