Mooring Line Monitoring

Reduce costs and simplify operations. Mooring Line Monitoring is a “set and forget” system that helps operators reduce the need for costly inspections. Neither maintenance nor personnel is required, as the autonomous sensor system immediately transfers data through a satellite alarm if a mooring line failure is detected.

Mooring line monitoring

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea fields in operation?
  • You continuously weigh the need for integrity control versus the cost of ROV inspections
  • You believe most of your equipment is ok, however you send out ROVs to check parts of it annually or bi-annually
  • The current subsea infrastructure makes it expensive and complex to add monitoring even when you want to


The 4Subsea mooring line monitoring system was developed to detect failures in mooring lines immediately and without the need for costly inspections. The system consists of a sensor that detects abnormal effects and an autonomous floating satellite communication modem. The sensor can release the modem to transmit information to all required units once a predefined condition is met.


4Subsea has provided monitoring services on more than 50 drilling and completion campaigns. The same system with additional sensors is also being used for integrity monitoring of wellheads, drilling risers, and conductors.



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Key Benefits

  • Monitors integrity of mooring lines at all times
  • Provides immediate response on mooring line failure
  • Requires no extra personnel during installation
  • Leaves no equipment on the vessel
  • Has retrofit capability, meaning no interface with existing control system is required
  • Needs fewer inspections, as the system allows to extend inspection intervals based on knowledge of system state at all times
  • Provides 25 years of service life and 5 years of battery life


Installation and Data Transfer

  • Sensor can be installed and retrieved by ROV
  • Low power motion sensor installed on mooring line
  • Sensor equipped with satellite pop-up tag
  • Failure of mooring line is detected and pop up tag released
  • High speed data transfer to wireless ROV modem if required
  • Compressed and full data series can be transferred during monitoring


Key Features

  • Short installation time and no interfaces (<24 hours for 12 lines)
  • Satellite alarm if line breaks
  • High resolution data series continuously stored in sensors
  • Optional acoustic communication
  • 25 years of service life
  • “Set and forget” system with 5 years of battery life
  • No interface to FPSO


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