Subsea Engineering Integrity Monitoring

For improved integrity control and cost reduction. 4Subsea’s autonomous monitoring solutions allow for continuous integrity monitoring of subsea assets, enabling increased ROV inspection intervals up to 5 years. Our sensor solutions are “set and forget” systems that help operators reduce the need for costly inspections.

Subsea engineering


Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your subsea fields in operation?
  • You continuously weigh the need for integrity control versus the cost of ROV inspections
  • You believe most of your equipment is ok, however you send out ROVs to check parts of it annually or bi-annually
  • The current subsea infrastructure makes it expensive and complex to add monitoring even when you want to


Our portfolio of autonomous sensors have been developed to monitor the integrity of subsea assets in order to displace ROV inspection cost. Technology applications include monitoring of wellhead integrity, risers, mooring lines, subsea spools and manifolds, as well as monitoring of pipelines and subsea structures. We offer a wide range of cost effective and automated solutions for using autonomous sensors for subsea assets.


Have a look at the video demonstrating our sensor solutions:


Sensor solutions in use on installations offshore


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Key Benefits

  • Reduces cost of ROV inspections
  • Improves integrity control
  • Allows for integrated operations on brownfield assets
  • Sensors are autonomous, robust, and field proven with 5-year battery life
  • Enables continuous monitoring at up to 10 Hz for 5 years
  • Includes data processing within sensors to assess integrity status
  • Allows for wireless data transfer from subsea to shore


Sensor Specifications

  • Modular and highly customizable design
  • Typical dimensions: Height: <500mm – Diameter: ≈130mm – Weight: ≈12kg
  • Pressure rating 3000m water depth
  • ROV installable and retrievable
  • Designed for retrofit installation on subsea assets
  • Design life: 25 years
  • Operational life: 5 years continuous operation
  • Field proven concept ≈100 000 hours of monitoring


Sensor Technologies

  • Defense grade gyro measuring motions
  • Strain and curvature (<1µ)
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Leak detection (liquids and gas)
Sensor Communication Alternatives

  • Satellite communication (float up device)
  • Acoustics to installation, surface buoy, or surface AV
  • High bandwidth wireless ROV communication
  • Cables and plug-in to any existing infrastructure

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