Offshore Engineering Services

Your expert partner for advanced subsea engineering. 4Subsea has the experience, knowledge and tools to perform the most challenging engineering tasks, developing optimal, tailor-made solutions together with our clients. We aim to be a leading global provider of independent engineering services related to drilling, completion/workover and wellhead systems.

Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your drilling operations?
  • You are often presented analysis results which are difficult to understand
  • You need to establish operating envelopes for your drilling or C/WO operations
  • You struggle to understand how analysis results relate to practical offshore operations
  • You need early stage, fast turnaround advice on consequences of rig or WH system selections
  • You lack, but have a need to establish component capacities for you riser string
  • You need assistance with complying with standards and regulations related to drilling C/WO riser systems


4Subsea offers drilling and well intervention services to extend the life of producing wells. We help operators perform offshore drilling, completion, and intervention operations safely and efficiently. Our data reservoir of structured analyses results and riser response measurements provides quick turnaround times and high quality assessments. We offer the unique combination of advanced analyses using state-of-the-art tools with offshore experience. We deliver our engineering services with OrcaFlex, Riflex, Shear7, MSC Marc, MSC Apex, and LS Dyna as part of our toolbox.


“4Subsea performed a wellhead fatigue field assessment for 64 wells at the Åsgard development in 2014. The scope of the assessment was to establish the structural integrity status for all 64 wells. The method developed by 4Susbea allowed for the fatigue status to be set at a significantly reduced cost compared to a traditional “one by one” well approach. In addition, the method raised the confidence level of the integrity status, as one consistent analysis method is used across the wells. Furthermore, the quality is raised as large amounts of well data are used in the data acquisition process.”

Lead Engineer, Well Operations, EQUINOR


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Key Deliverables

  • A cost-effective service package enabling operations and reducing life-cycle cost
  • Advanced system analysis of drilling and C/WO riser systems
  • Detailed structural analysis of wellhead systems
  • Detailed structural components analysis of risers components
  • Advisory services for code and standard compliance studies
  • Concept and FEED studies
  • Brownfield studies assessments


System Engineering

  • Advanced analysis of drilling riser systems, open water and TH-mode C/WO systems, XT installations and HP riser systems
  • Rig screening services related to rig intake process & feasibility studies
  • Concept evaluations and FEED studies of completion and workover systems
  • Support related to procurement, technical specifications & ITTs of wellhead and C/WO systems
  • Brownfield assessments of wellhead systems
  • In depth knowledge of standards and regulations, g. NORSOK U-001,API 17G, API 16Q, ISO 13628-4, ISO 13628-7


Detailed FE Analysis

  • Detailed analyses of wellhead systems, including template and soil interactions
  • Component qualification services such as establishing component capacities and capabilities, ensuring full utilisation of inherent component capacities in line with state-of-the-art analysis methodologies and associated design criteria

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