WellCare™ Services

Enabling maintained production from old wells. When planning an intervention job on a subsea well, how do you know the condition of your main well barrier, the wellhead? Thanks to enhanced drilling and intervention technology old wells are still producing. Deepwater rigs and post accident requirements increase the size and weight of subsea drilling equipment. Documentation of old wells is often lacking or hard to find. WellCare™ is a service to help oil companies document the integrity of well barriers.


Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these issues apply to your drilling operations?
  • You don’t know the fatigue status of your subsea wells
  • Wellhead integrity assessments cost too much and you never have results ready in time for operations
  • Conservative assumptions force you to implement high cost mitigating solutions or reduce operating windows
  • You can’t re-use well slots or drill a sidetracks due to limited remaining wellhead service life


4Subsea currently provides lifecycle management services to about 200 subsea wells. Through our work we have built considerable experience in  efficient data collection and structuring. Once data have been gathered and the integrity status is established, maintenance of the integrity status per well is highly cost efficient.


4Subsea’s wellhead integrity management services allow our customers to relax, always knowing that the integrity of their wellhead systems is intact and documented. WellCare™ helps oil companies document the integrity of well barriers, reducing risk and saving cost by staying one step ahead. WellTrack™ is our key tool for providing the WellCare™ service. 4Subsea provides customers access to WellTrack™ with a “Software-as-a-Service” solution (SaaS).


Examples of Insights Gained from WellTrack™


The WellCare Service Package Includes
  • Access to WellTrack™ – life cycle management of wellheads
  • Conductor Analysis – to optimise operations and maintain production
  • Brownfield assessments – to document the integrity status of wellheads
  • Wellhead Integrity Monitoring SWIM™ –  for operational support and integrity monitoring


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Key Benefits

  • Provides operational history for wells and high pressure risers
  • Provides structural categorisation of wells
  • Establishes integrity status for wellheads and high pressure risers
  • Collects rig information relevant for well operations
  • Delivers a digitised solution through WellTrack™
  • Includes training of personnel
  • Gives access to 4Subsea’s extensive experience and knowledge base


Key Features

  • Monitoring of loads on wellhead during operations
  • Evaluation of integrity during operations
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Fatigue and wellhead loading forecasts


WellTrack™ Insights

  • Integrity status of each well
  • Operational history of each well
  • Design documentation, drawings, and analysis reports
  • Track component properties across fields and wells
  • Rig data linked to the operational history of wells
  • Measurement data on wellhead from rig operations
  • Soil data

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