Wellhead Integrity Monitoring with SWIM™

Using a Digital Twin for improved decision support and reduced cost. SWIM™ (Subsea Wellhead Integrity Monitoring) measures critical parameters on the wellhead during drilling operations, providing KPIs and prediction analysis as a digital service. By combining expert engineering and operational experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, we can offer an industry-leading digital service, including advanced autonomous, retrofit sensor technology. 4Subsea was awarded the 2018 Product Leadership Award from analyst company Frost & Sullivan for SWIM™.


Typical Challenges for Operators


Do any of these apply to your drilling operations?
  • You need better decision support during drilling operations, with reliable knowledge on whether to disconnect or continue drilling when operating in bad weather
  • You lack a simple way to install a sensor system to signal possible loss of well integrity while drilling
  • You want to use real sensor data of BOP movements to replace conservative assumptions used in analyses (conservatism that may be preventing or complicating a planned operation)
  • You want to monitor the live flex joint angle while running tools to allow for an increased operating window
  • You need to use sensor data from a well to enable operations on similar wells
  • You lack a good, simple method to record the actual loading on a well over its life


Market-leading Solution for Optimised Drilling Operations

SWIM™ is a well documented and tested solution for monitoring the main barrier while drilling. The system can be extended to provide live monitoring of drilling risers and conductors. SWIM™ uses machine learning to predict into the future and artificial intelligence to detect and manage shallow gas/shallow water, structural failures in the wellhead, and conductor instability issues.

  • Provides prediction analysis for onshore and offshore teams
  • Helps mitigate risk during well operations
  • Monitors load on wellhead and well stability
  • Detects structural failures in conductor and wellhead
  • Maximises well service life by tracking wellhead fatigue loading
  • SWIM™ is delivered as an easy to use digital service on 4insight®


With SWIM™ operators can reuse critical wells and maximise lifetime of wellheads by scheduling drilling operations based on well criticality, historically accumulated load on wellhead, and predictive models assessing expected load on wellhead from next drilling operation based on weather forecast.

The system measures accumulated load and other critical parameters on the wellhead during drilling operations, providing KPIs and prediction analysis as a digital service. Autonomous sensors are placed on the BOP, monitoring BOP movements, and data from the sensors is transferred wirelessly to the ROV. The drilling team receives live update regarding wellhead integrity every time the ROV collects data – typically every hour to four times a day.​ No extra personnel are required on the rig.

Lead Engineer, Well Operations, EQUINOR:
“A logging system was required as a compensating measure to reduce risk for the Tyrihans A-2 operations. We would not have been able to re-use the A-2 slot for a side track without this risk reducing measure. The alternative would have been to drill a new slot.”


Case study: Loss of soil support anomaly detection:
Case study: Anomaly detection with a digital twin:


The 4Subsea team is very proud to inform that we have received the 2018 Product Leadership Award from analyst company Frost & Sullivan for our SWIM™ sensor solution.

“With the new wave of digitalization and emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), it is set to transform the traditional oilfields into digital oilfields (DOF). 4Subsea’s SWIM is embedded with intelligence and connectivity that serves as a critical tool in the operator’s decision-making process.”

Kiravani Emani, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, February 2018


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Key Benefits

  • Monitors stability, load, fatigue, and structural integrity of the wellhead system
  • Provides decision support to drilling teams during drilling operations, telling them when to disconnect when operating in bad weather
  • Helps avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Helps enable operations on wells with wellhead integrity concerns
  • Presents status and results on a web application for rig crew and onshore organisation
  • Can be configured to provide live readings at any depth without the need for an ROV
  • Ensures functionality of wellhead after drilling operation is completed
  • Can be used for exploration, greenfield, and brownfield wells​


Installation and Data Transfer

  • 3 high quality, battery-powered motion sensors installed on the BOP

  • Sensors are installed and retrieved by an ROV or while BOP is on deck

  • High-speed data transfer to wireless ROV modem

  • Compressed and full data series can be transferred during monitoring campaign

  • Acoustic data transfer and alarms as required

  • Water depth rating: 3000m
  • Live monitoring if required


Download the relevant technical data sheets from our Smart Monitoring Sensors (SMS) range

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