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4Subsea is a relatively small company compared to others in the industry, but we are a leading company in our field. We combine domain expertise with data analytics and digital services to maximise lifetime of assets, reduce operational cost and optimise future projects through data-driven design.

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With our services your company gets:
  • EXPERTISE: We are a team of highly dedicated (and slightly geeky) engineers, redefining how oil & gas fields and offshore wind farms are operated.
  • COST EFFICIENCY: We combine our operational experience with digital capabilities to automate engineering processes and help operators reduce risk and cost.
  • PREDICTABILITY: Our decision-support solutions help operators “know it before it happens”. This way, they can act accordingly and prevent costly repairs or production shutdown.


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Decision Support for Wind Farms

Among other solutions, we provide key decision support and control systems optimised for the production of offshore wind turbines.

We can assist operators in installing a key decision support system called SMS Guard™, which is an autonomous sensor kit. The system monitors wind substructures that are floating and bottom-fixed.

The retrofittable sensors, combined with advanced machine learning algorithms and 4Subsea domain expertise, help operators realise the significant potential of reduced LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) using digital tools.


4Subsea Services

We deliver subsea engineering services and provide technically advanced and cost-efficient solutions for operators.


Our areas of expertise are:
  • Risers and flowlines
  • Offshore wind
  • Sensor technology
  • Well Intervention and Drilling
  • Digital Solutions for Providing Critical Decision Support


We are a company who focus on digital twin technology and innovating solutions to reduce risks and costs. Contact us for more information about how we can provide your company with cost-efficient technology and solutions.


Advanced Technology and Subsea Engineering

Our solutions consist of advanced technology and engineering for decision support for operators.


Our solutions and control systems are developed through:
  • Domain expertise
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Operational subsea experience


This provides decision support and advanced subsea installations to both onshore and offshore operations. Our solutions assist operators in offshore oil and gas productions and offshore wind production.


Optimising Subsea Assets



  • Consisting of a team of slightly geeky engineers, we have created and developed smart, advanced and cost-efficient solutions.
  • Our company is technology-driven. We also focus on providing services and solutions that minimise environmental harm, as well as eliminate damage risk for personnel.
  • Our expert team of engineers is continuously updating and rethinking our technology and solutions.


4Subsea aims to be one of the leading companies in the world in our field. We are developing reliable, safe and cost-efficient solutions for energy operators.


Why 4Subsea Engineering?

4Subsea was established in 2007, and we have grown steadily since the beginning. Today, we work alongside the largest energy operators in the world. We are proud to say that we have developed several smart and cost-efficient solutions, with our environmental responsibility in mind.

4Subsea is a leading provider of subsea engineering systems and technology, and solutions and services.

We combine expert engineering competence, operational experience and digitalised decision support to provide the integrity of subsea assets all the way from reservoir to deck.



We want our solutions and services to be efficient and straightforward. Our decision-support systems are useful tools for operators and help them to detect any possible issue before it happens. Through advanced anomaly-detection, operators are now able to stop the problem before it occurs, problems that lead to costly repairs or even production shutdown.



Our dedicated team of digital experts, data scientists and engineers can help companies with their broad areas of expertise. Together, we are redefining how oil and gas fields are operated, as well as how offshore wind farms are operated.



We make sure that our solutions are as cost-efficient as possible. We do so by combining our experience with digital capabilities to automate engineering processes. As a result, operators can reduce both costs and risk.


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4Subsea deliver key decision support to operators in the oil and gas industry, as well as the offshore wind industry worldwide. We enable lifetime extension of assets and operational uptime.


Our team consists of highly qualified expert engineers with broad experience within subsea technology.

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