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Operating subsea assets requires a lot of effort. It requires a lot of monitoring, calculations, and the ability to efficiently and effectively overcome any challenge that may arise.

There are plenty of factors to consider to ensure operational efficiency, minimise costs, and maximise production. You also need to extend the life of your assets to make sure all your projects bear fruits.

4Subsea can help you achieve these goals. We can provide you with innovative subsea solutions for optimising your assets and supercharging your business. Here’s what they are.


1. Risers and Flowlines

We offer an array of solutions for optimising flexible risers and flowlines. We can help you extend their lifetime, monitor their integrity, and automatically detect any potential issue before it causes damage.

We can help you measure annulus volume, sample gas, examine vent flow, and perform regular pipeline inspections.

We can also help you assess the subsea structures, repair outer sheaths, engineer pipelines, and more.

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2. Well Intervention and Drilling

Whether you have dry offshore or completely submerged wells, we can help you efficiently handle all your drilling operations. The same goes for any interventions and offshore completions.

You don’t have to worry about safety risks, wellhead integrity, and failure, or any unnecessary costs. We can help you perform all needed assessments, monitor and maintain integrity while drilling, cut costs, and maximize performance and profit.

We can also help you with concept development, conductor analysis, system design, and C/WO system engineering.

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3. Digital Twins Solutions

Our set of Digital Twins 4Insight® solutions can help you harness the full power of your data and make data-driven decisions.

With digital twin technology, you’ll eliminate any safety and operational risks, secure your data, and keep everything running smoothly. You’ll also manage all your data in one place, and benefit from accurate prediction analysis necessary for optimization.

Thanks to digital twin technology, you don’t have to worry about downtime, costly repairs, high operational costs, or any other inefficiencies causing disruption in your subsea operations.



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4. Sensor Technology

To keep your operations running smoothly, you need to monitor your assets continuously. 4Subsea has subsea solutions for that as well.

We have a set of Smart Monitoring Sensors (SMS) that use machine learning and data analytics to prevent anomalies and reduce costs.


With our autonomous and retrofittable sensor kit, you can monitor:

  • Wellhead integrity
  • Subsea integrity
  • Freespans and production jumpers
  • Risers and flowlines
  • Mooring lines
  • Oil & gas pipelines and subsea structures
  • Offshore wind farm structures


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5. Offshore Wind

We’ve developed various subsea solutions for offshore wind farms that help energy providers cut LCOE and optimise energy production. They’re perfect for preventing production loss, increasing margins, and lowering the impact on the environment and marine life.


Our offshore wind services include:

  • Offshore wind engineering
  • Offshore wind sensor monitoring


4Subsea can help you design your offshore wind farm, configure a cable system, develop concepts for seabed interfaces, and more.

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Why Partner Up with 4Subsea?

4Subsea is a leading provider of technological subsea solutions for optimising a variety of subsea assets. We’re passionate about helping energy providers harness the power of data and make better business decisions.

We can help you make the most of your subsea operations. To do so, we combine domain expertise with data analytics and digital services to maximise lifetime of assets, reduce operational cost and optimise future projects through data-driven design. With higher cost-efficiency and fully optimised production, you’ll quickly reach your goals and boost your business.

We also care about protecting the environment, which is why we offer green solutions and continuously work on improving them.

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