Subsea systems

4Subsea field overview


Our solutions enable lifetime extension of subsea systems and help operators perform safe and cost-efficient operations. We are a leading provider of technology and services to subsea projects in the energy production industries. 


Support System for Offshore and Subsea Operations

Are you looking for a partner who understands the delicate operations of subsea systems? 4Subsea is a leading provider of technology solutions for offshore projects, combining operational experience with digital capabilities. Our goal is to help you maximise production while reducing risk and cost. We can help you achieve high productivity while ensuring the safety and integrity of your subsea production system. 

Our team of highly dedicated engineers have redefined how offshore wind farms and subsea oil and gas are operated since 2007. Our decision-support solutions help operators be prepared, so they can act accordingly to potential risks and prevent costly repairs or production shutdown. 

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Systems for Monitoring Subsea Equipment and Operation

We provide technological applications for monitoring and maintaining operations in the offshore energy industry such as subsea oil and gas. Our company provides expert personnel, digital solutions, and highly advanced sensor technology for significant cost-savings in subsea production systems.


Our innovative offshore solutions and data-driven design for subsea systems help operators:

  • Ensure operational efficiency
  • Minimise costs
  • Optimise production
  • Reduce negative impact on the environment


Our Solutions Help you Prepare for the Unknown

Decision-support systems from 4Subsea help operators “know before it happens”. Operations will be more cost-efficient by turning to more digitised and economical solutions, such as sensor technology and digital twins. Our solutions can automatically detect any potential issue before it causes damage, thus extending the lifetime of subsea assets. 

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Cost-Efficient Technology for Offshore Wind

The challenges with oil and gas assets have a lot in common with those of offshore wind farms. Our engineers are constantly improving and updating technology and solutions for both sectors. Our vision is technology-driven safety and optimization for personnel, equipment, and the environment. 

We develop and refine analytical methods based on extensive experience and knowledge of complex subsea systems. Through analysis of slender and non-slender structures in wind, waves, and current, we can help you reduce LCOE and increase margins. 

If you are currently developing or operating an offshore wind farm, we can offer tailor-made solutions for your needs. Avoid production loss due to equipment failure or fatigue, and optimise production by partnering up with 4Subsea.


We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our services are highly relevant if you:


  • Are exploring technology and services for subsea systems
  • Want to optimise energy production from subsea oil and gas fields
  • Are developing or operating offshore wind farms
  • Want to ensure maximal lifetime of assets and reduce costs of operations
  • Want to reduce risk to personnel or environment


4Subsea deliver critical decision-support systems to energy providers. We combine operational experience from subsea systems with digital capabilities to automate engineering processes. This will help you reduce risk and cost. 

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