Our Values:
Dedication - Team spirit
Insight - Integrity

Our vision and values are deeply rooted in all of us. They are used in our everyday work, and clearly communicated to all our clients, partners and potential employees. Our values affect our attitudes and behaviour. They guide us in making the right decisions and setting the right priorities. Our values form a bridge between who we are and where we want to go.

Vision: Simplifying Complexity




  • We focus on doing the job right and doing the right job. We deliver high quality results and we enjoy it! We identify what our customers really need, not only what they want, and provide this with pride and confidence. We take personal responsibility for each task and for bringing these together into a complete solution.
  • Through our dedication, our customers will receive our undivided attention and we will not give up until we complete each project. We share our knowledge and experience in a way that helps our customers achieve their goals.
  • Treating our customer as a true partner enhances 4Subsea’s reputation in the marketplace.


Team Spirit

  • One for all, all for one. We share our expertise and work shoulder to shoulder to achieve results. We have the courage to give each other feedback and to use feedback to further develop the team. We build trust and confidence in the team. Together we solve problems and celebrate our successes.
  • Through team spirit our customers will always get the best solutions from us. The solutions will be innovative, holistic, and customised for each customer and situation.
  • Our team spirit will make the company an interesting and meaningful place to work for all of us. It will also help us attract and retain the most talented people. We will build loyalty to each other and our shared goals, and will be able to solve increasingly complex projects together.



  • We are constantly solving ”the next piece of the puzzle”. We search for new knowledge and learn from experts. We respect each other’s experience and build new knowledge together. We combine different types of knowledge to create high quality solutions. We also have the courage to say no if that is the right answer to a request.
  • Through our insight our customers will get the best possible solutions to their problems. They will benefit from the synergy of all our fields of expertise and from our commitment to sharing our knowledge with them.
  • Our insight will make 4Subsea a trusted partner and an acknowledged centre of excellence in riser technology.



  • We are honest with each other. When we see something that needs to be improved, we take immediate corrective action and learn from it. If one of us makes a mistake, we are all in it together and we help each other make it right.
  • Our customers will experience a transparent, ethical organisation that can be trusted in all situations.
  • Through our integrity we will be balanced and solidly grounded, giving an impression of quality and trust. We will be recognised as a company that lives by its values and stands up for what it believes in.

I appreciate my great colleagues in our informal atmosphere at the office and the flexibility we have as employees to adjust our working hours if necessary.

Carl Olav Wickmann, Group Lead Products in 4Subsea