Subsea Technologies

Flexible Risers


Subsea technologies in the offshore oil and gas industry require a lot of care and maintenance. We provide monitoring, analysis, and decision-support systems for subsea assets and equipment.

Our solutions give you the integrity and knowledge to efficiently overcome any challenge, make decisions, and run operations as effectively and cost-friendly as possible. Keep reading to learn more.


Where Our Capabilities Meet Your Needs

If your operations involve any of the following subsea technologies, our services can help you maximise production efficiency:


  • Risers and flowlines
  • Mooring lines
  • Well intervention and drilling
  • Oil and gas pipelines and subsea structures
  • Offshore wind farm structures


We help operators in the offshore oil and gas industry maximise their subsea technologies, by cutting LCOE and optimising energy production. Using our sensor technology, you can prevent production loss, increase margins, and lower the negative impact on the environment and marine life. 

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Our Team

4Subsea is a leading provider of technology and services to the oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms. We are a team of highly capable engineers and experienced operators from the energy industry. Using our combined expertise, we deliver critical decision-support systems and automated engineering solutions. 

Our vision is to provide leading-edge technology, empowering engineers everywhere to share insight. We believe that we will succeed, evolve and move forward as long as we work together as a team with our customers and partners.


Areas of Expertise

Our portfolio of retrofittable, autonomous sensors helps operators reduce costs of operations and maximise life of assets and operational uptime. We deliver:


  • Dedicated integrity applications – to take care of assets
  • Repair and instrumentation solutions – to avoid loss of production
  • Common data reservoir – to learn, analyse and improve operations
  • Transparency from reservoir deck – to ensure collaboration
  • De-bundling of services – open APIs – to reduce cost and improve quality
  • SWAT-teams for managing anomalies – to get the best support when you need it
  • Cost-effective operations maintained production, and reduced risk – to know before it happens and act accordingly


Using our sensor technology, you can prevent costly repairs and production downtime. Repairs and replacement should not be done on a schedule, but rather due to the actual status of the equipment.  


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Are you working with subsea technologies in the offshore oil and gas industry, or currently in the planning stage of an energy production project? If the answer is yes, we should talk. 


Contact us to hear more about our solutions or to request a demo. We’re headquartered in Asker, Norway, and have offices in Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Aberdeen, and Rio de Janeiro. We hope to hear from you!

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