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We provide decision support technology for subsea wellheads that help operators to “know before it happens”. Our system is designed by a team of engineers dedicated to redefining how energy productions are operated and cost-managed.

Our solutions give you the integrity and knowledge to efficiently overcome any challenge, make decisions, and run operations as effectively and cost-friendly as possible. Keep reading to learn more.


Advantages in Subsea Wellhead Systems

Subsea wellheads are the primary pressure barrier for subsea wells, providing a secure and pressure-controlled environment for access to the wellbore. They are crucial to the safe and steady production of oil and gas as they act as anchors and suspension points. In fact, they form the support for a number of critical connection and safety points.

With our subsea solutions, operators can reuse critical wells and maximise the lifetime of subsea wellheads. We allow drilling operations to be scheduled based on well criticality and use models to predict the expected load on wellhead from next drilling operation based on the weather forecast.  

We offer sensors in combination with specialist engineering competence, advanced algorithms and data analytics. Keep reading to learn more about our solution.


Monitoring of Subsea Wellheads

By combining expert engineering and operational experience with machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics, 4Subsea can offer an industry-leading digital service: SWIM™ (Subsea Wellhead Integrity Monitoring). This innovative digital twin technology for improved decision support in deepwater operations, help operators run more efficiently and safely thus reducing costs.


Cost-Efficient Technology for Offshore Wind

The challenges with oil and gas assets have a lot in common with those of offshore wind farms. Our engineers are constantly improving and updating technology and solutions for both sectors. Our vision is technology-driven safety and optimization for personnel, equipment, and the environment. 

We develop and refine analytical methods based on extensive experience and knowledge of complex subsea systems. Through analysis of slender and non-slender structures in wind, waves, and current, we can help you reduce LCOE and increase margins. 

If you are currently developing or operating an offshore wind farm, we can offer tailor-made solutions for your needs. Avoid production loss due to equipment failure or fatigue, and optimise production by partnering up with 4Subsea.



SWIM™ measures key parameters on the wellhead in real-time during drilling operations, providing KPIs and prediction analysis digitally. It’s a well documented and tested solution for monitoring while drilling. The system can also be extended to provide live measuring and monitoring of drilling risers and conductors. 

SWIM™ uses machine learning to predict events in the future and artificial intelligence to detect and manage shallow waters, structural failures in subsea wellheads, and conductor instability issues.


SWIM™ Highlights

  • Provides prediction analysis for onshore and offshore teams.
  • Helps mitigate risk during well operations.
  • Monitors load on wellhead and well stability.
  • Detects structural failures in conductor and wellhead.
  • Maximises well service life by tracking wellhead fatigue resistance.
  • SWIM™ is delivered as an easy to use digital service on 4insight®.


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