Wind Energy Technology

Wind Energy Technology


Wind energy technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies for renewable energy. During the last decade of the 20th century, grid-connected wind capacity worldwide has doubled approximately every three years. 

The expert engineers at 4Subsea have helped a large number of companies maximise their technology while staying eco-friendly.


Our Services

There is great potential to reduce costs by turning to more digitised and economical solutions. We provide wind energy technology services such as:


  • A dedicated expert team of engineers
  • Advanced decision-support systems
  • Concept development and system design
  • System analysis of inter-array and export cables


Reduce Cost and Maximise Production

4Subsea offer cost-efficient technology and advanced decision-support systems for the offshore energy industry. Using our technology, your company can transform operations making them more reliable whilst at the same time reducing costs. 

We are a technology-driven company dedicated to providing services and solutions for offshore industries. Let us show you how to avoid loss of production and have more profitable operations, using digitised solutions.


SMS Guard™ Sensor Monitoring

Our solution is the SMS Guard™ sensor kit, a support system for optimising production from offshore wind farms. SMS Guard™ is an autonomous sensor kit and digital service for monitoring floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind substructures. 


With the SMS Guard™ Sensor Monitoring, you ‘ll get:

  • Autonomous, retrofittable sensors, combined with advanced machine learning algorithms and 4Subsea domain expertise help operators realise the significant potential of reduced LCOE (Levelised Cost of Energy).
  • Decision support as an easy-to-use digital service.
  • A simple to install instrumentation package that enables continuous integrity monitoring of offshore wind turbines.


 Areas for cost reduction:

  • Lifetime extension of sub-structures.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of cable failures and hence reduced cost and risk of production loss.
  • Optimal replacement scheduling; repairing or replacing equipment due to age rather than the actual status of equipment.


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4insight® Digital Service

Using our digital service 4insight® operators of wind energy systems can “know before it happens”. This will give them knowledge and insight to act accordingly, thus preventing costly repairs or production shutdown. 

4insight® is a critical decision-support technology used by onshore and offshore operators. We also offer digital twin technology, designed to improve data quality and reduce operational risks.


Typical Challenges for Operators

If any of the following challenges apply to your operations, our services are highly relevant:


  • Lifetime of equipment and substructures is reduced due to corrosion, damage or fatigue, effectively increasing levelised cost of energy (LCOE).
  • Your cables fail due to movements, temperatures, or loads outside design parameters of equipment.
  • Smart use of data is an under-utilised asset in your company.
  • You are looking for new actions to reduce LCOE.
  • Asset integrity issues cause loss of production, either stop in production or production shut-down. 


This is where our capabilities meet your needs. Our team of expert engineers have developed advanced technology for monitoring onshore and offshore assets, making sure you get the most out of your wind energy technology. This will give operators insight to make the best decisions, maximising production value and minimising the negative impact on the environment.


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Are you in need of a cost-effective and better decision support system during wind power generation? Do you lack a good and simple method for installing a sensor system, signalling possible loss of turbine integrity and fatigue resistance for all your assets? 4Subsea have the solution that will save you time and money, ensuring economical and eco-friendly operations.


About Us

4Subsea have combined expert engineering and operational experience with machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics. We are experienced in your field, and understand the challenges you face. 

We are a leading provider of technology and services to help operators optimise energy production. Not only will our service make your operations more efficient and reliable, but you’ll also be able to reduce costs and negative impact on the environment. 

Our portfolio of retrofittable, autonomous sensors helps operators maximise life of onshore and offshore assets and sub-structures. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your operations!

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